Learning to drive help and Guidance

Help and Guidance for drivers

We have put together a help and guide section below to help drivers. We cover everything from applying for your provisional driving licence, to buying your first car insurance with a lot of information in between.

Help for learner drivers

Applying for your Provisional Licence

Apply for your provisional driving licence here

Finding The Right Driving Instructor

How to find the right driving instructor for you?

What Can I expect on my first lesson?

Find out what you can expect on your first driving lesson

Weekly Lessons, or an Intensive Course?

So what is the best way for you to get your full driving licence?

Manual or Automatic

Is it better to learn in an automatic car or a manual one?

Tips for Learning to Drive

What are the secrets to help you learn better on your driving lessons?

Theory Test Help

Here you can get help with your theory test and sign up to our free theory test pro

Essential Reading Material

Here you will find a list of essential reading materials to help your driving lessons

Test Centre Help & Guidance

Read our guide to your local driving test centre

Learning with your Parents

This guide is designed to help both you and your supervising driver while taking driving lessons together

Show me, Tell me Guide

Your guide to show me, tell me questions and answers

Driving Lesson Subjects

Have a look at the driving syllabus and what subjects you will be learning on your driving lessons

Now that I have Passed my test

Congratulations you have now passed your driving test, so whats next?

Buying your First Car Guidance

Buying your fist car? Checkout our guide to buying your first car first

Car Insurance Guidance

Car insurance can be a minefind when your young, let our guide help you in finding the right policy for you

Basic Car Maintenance

Have a look at the driving syllabus and what subjects you will be learning on your driving lessons

Top 10 Reasons For Failing Your Test

Have a read of the top 10 reasons pupils fail their driving test according the the DVSA examiners.

Keeping Safe On The Road

We have put together check list of information to keep you safe on the road.

Motorway Driving Guide

If you havent driven on a Motorway before then read our helpful guide here.

Driving In Bad Weather

Driving in bad weather can be dangerous, make sure you know what to do

Car Accident

Do you know what to do if your involved in a Road Traffic Accident?

Car Mods

A popular hobby is modifying your car, but is it legal and do you have to inform your insurance company about those new wheels.

Thinking of Buying A Dash Cam?

We often use dashcams in our driving lessons, you can see which ones we use here

Electric Revolution

With the Governments aim of reducing carbon emissions and congestion, is there an alternative to the motorcar?