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Driving Lessons Sherborne
Driving Lessons Sherborne Driving Instructors Sherborne One week intensive driving courses Sherborne B+E Car & Trailer Towing Lessons Sherborne Driving Lessons Sherborne

Driving Lessons Sherborne

Weekly Or Intensive driving lessons In Sherborne Dorset

So you want to pass your driving test 1st time, We can help you do that!

To book your driving lessons in Sherborne please call 01935 584123


Driving Lessons Sherborne

2nd2none driving school has a great record of 1st time driving test passes in Sherborne and the surrounding area. Our driving instructors are among the very best available in Sherborne and will teach you everything you need to know to pass your driving test first time while also making sure you have the knowledge to become a safe driver for life. We can also offer you the choice of your driving test centre, Yeovil or Dorchester are both within easy reach of Sherborne, please speak to your driving instructor about which driving test centre will be best for your needs.

Most people will be forgiven for thinking that all driving instructor in Sherborne are the same but did you know that nationally across the country nearly 30% of learner drivers change their driving instructor before ever taking a driving test. Thats almost 234'000 people ever year that change to a new driving instructor.

So Why Do So Many Pupils Change Their Driving Instructor?

Simply put we are not all the same, and choosing the wrong driving instructor can not only cost you a lot of money, in some cases it can even put learners of learning to drive altogether.  

With our driving instructors I know you will be given you the greatest chance of passing your driving test first time. All our driving instructors are fully qualified driving instructor that have completed all parts of their driving instructor training. All of our driving instructors in Sherborne have signed our driving schools code of conduct. The instructors aim to get you through your driving test on your 1st attempt by delivering high quality structured driving lessons that have an aim and do not not involve you driving around site seeing or sitting by the side of the road watching other learners drive by. We aim to get you driving the car from your very first driving lesson and in some cases you will even get to drive home at the end of the lesson if you are ready.

Your driving instructor will also provide you with a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE on any driving lesson block bookings you make with us in the unlikily event that you dont wish to continue with your driving lessons that you have paid for. No other driving school  in Sherborne will do this and some will out right refuse to refund unused driving lessons that you have already paid for.

Structured driving lessons that teach you what you need to know but are also fun along with our great Customer Service ensures us of happy pupils and high first time pass rates with plenty of future recommendations. Have a read of over 500 CUSTOMER REVIEWS right here on this website to let you see what others think of their driving lessons in Sherborne Dorset.


We are now also able to provide Automatic driving lessons in Sherborne and nearby areas as intensive driving courses. Please take a look at our intensive driving page for more details.


To book your driving lessons in Sherborne please call 01935 584123

 One Week Intensive Driving Course's in Sherborne

An Intensive driving course can be a great way to pass your driving test quickly in 1-2 weeks. Perfect if you have limited time or you just done want to drag your driving lessons out over the normal learning time. Because you are learning so much in a short time period we often find that you will not need as many hours of driving tuition so this can seriously reduce your cost of learning to drive by as much as a few hundred pound. There will still be a wait of a few weeks for a driving test so talk to us first and we will be able to book your driving test for you and then book your intensive driving course in leading up to your driving test. Please note we can not book your Practical Driving Test until you have passed your Therory Test and all Intensive driving courses in Sherborne are subject to availability.

One week intensive courses available as both Manual and Automatic tuition.

Under 17's Driving Lessons Sherborne

As well as driving lessons Sherborne for 17 plus we also provide driving lessons for under 17s from ages 12 and over at our private training area at Henstridge Airfield and The royal Bath & West Showground. Sessions are held once a month on a Sunday at Henstridge (Saturday RBW) and are very popular. This can be a great opportunity to get a head start in learning to drive and we often find that you will progress with your driving at a much faster rate at our under 17s driving lessons than with your regular driving lessons in Sherborne due to the lack of traffic on the airfield therefor a reduction in your nerves. As you progress you will not only learn how to drive the car forward but you will also be able to practice reversing and then complicated manoeuvres normally reserved for much more experienced learner drivers and all in the safety of the private training area. Please contact us to find out more about our under 17s driving lessons at Henstridge Airfield and The royal Bath & West Showground. Call 0333 7729642 to book your under 17s driving lessons.






 Driving Lessons Sherborne



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driving lessons sherbourne 1

Congratulations to Ellie Burn  who passed her driving test today 30/09/16 in Yeovil.

Well done Ellie and safe driving in the future from your driving instructor Sue Squires and all at 2nd2None Driving School

driving lessons sherbourne Laura said "Thanks so much to James and everyone at 2nd2none! I had so much fun learning to drive and everyone gave me so much tips and information! Would definitely recommend."
driving lessons Sherbourne Congratulations to Sharlene Godwin on passing her driving test today 25/08/16 in Yeovil with her driving instructor James Orgar at Yeovil Test Centre with ZERO faults.
driving lessons sherbourne A massive congratulations to Robert Ayres from Templecombe who passed his test 17/08/2016 with his driving instructor Sue Squires after completing a semi - intensive driving course.
driving lessons Sherbourne Congratulations to Kirstie Attwood from Sherborne who passed her test today 28/07/16 first time.

Well done Kirstie & safe driving from your driving instructor Chris Jennings and all at 2nd2None Driving School
driving schools Sherborne

I passed my driving test first time with only 5 minors. Thanks to James my instructor for all your help and patience. This is going to make a big difference to me passing my driving test as now no more waiting for the bus to college. :)

driving lessons sherborne - molly

When I first started driving, I was so nervous, but learning to drive with 2nd2None was great, I felt at ease in no time, and I've just passed my test first time! My instructor, James, was very helpful, and I wouldn't have been able to do it without him! Thank you 2nd2None Driving School!

Driving Lessons Sherborne  Well done Holli Lewis on passing your driving test with just 4 minors driving test centre today 22 Sept with your driving instructor Eric Johnson.  
driving lessons midsomer norton - scott parsons

Well done Scott Parsons on passing your driving test 1st time with your

driving instructor Eric Johnson

 driving lessons Sherborne  Alfie burt

Just passed my test with thanks to james Orgar for helping me all the way definitely recommend him to anybody looking to start 2nd2none all the way !!!!!!
driving lessons Sherborne - mia  Amelia carter

I've just passed my driving test first time ! Yepee. Thanks to 2nd2none for helping me along the way and a big thans to james my instructor for giving me guide nice and the confidence to do so. My lessons were fun and a big laugh. I would fully recommend 2nd2none driving school. This is going to make such a difference to my life, I now have my independence now I can drive!

driving lessons Sherborne Tara Chambers

Without James I wouldn't have been able to pass, after my accident he built up my courage to learn to drive again. The free access to Theory Test Pro was my revision to pass my theory and without it I probably wouldn't have. Overall, my driving experience was fun, giggliy and a memory I plan to keep forever. Thank you James
driving lessons Sherborne

Passed my intensive course first time with 6 minors thanks to James and 2nd2none driving School. I felt really prepared and James helped me go over the things I wasn't so confident with before the test. I'd recommend 2nd2none as it has helped me learn to drive safely and pass quickly. Thanks!

driving lessons Sherborne

I passed my test first time with James and I couldn't of done it without him. I was really nervous at first but he helped to build my confidence. I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to drive.

driving lessons Sherborne dorset Lisa Starr

Thank you so much to Steve Ridley who has helped me pass my driving test today in Yeovil. A brilliant instructor and lovely to get on with.
driving lessons Sherborne dorset
Great instructors, great value for money really enjoyable ways to learn, great structure to lessons and instructors are really nice and give clear instructions, would definitely recommend this driving school
driving lessons Sherborne dorset Dean said I cant believe I passed 1st time and with only 3 minor faults. Steve has been brilliant and I couldn't have had a better driving instructor, Thanks Steve and thanks 2nd2none driving school.

Just some of the pupils that have attended our under 17s driving lessons at Henstridge Airfield

under 17s driving lessons Sherborne dorset under 17s driving lessons Sherborne dorset under 17s driving lessons Sherborne dorset under 17s driving lessons gillingham dorset  
under 17s driving lessons Sherborne dorset under 17s driving lessons Sherborne dorset under 17s driving lessons gillingham dorset under 17s driving lessons Sherborne dorset  
under 17s driving lessons Sherborne Here we have Chloe Rennard and Lotti Parfitt both from Gillingham Dorset.

Chloe said she really enjoyed driving and the best part was learning to change gears. Chloe said she will be recommending this event to her friends and would love to come again but she will be turning 17 soon and cant wait to start regular driving lessons.

Lotti also enjoyed her under 17s driving session. Lotti said she learnt a lot about turning at junctions and using the gears. Lotti would love to come to another under 17s driving event and will also be telling all her friends about her driving session.
under 17s driving lessons Sherborne Here we have Elliott Sellers of Shaftesbury.
Elliott enjoyed his driving session today and thought the best part of his under 17s driving session was learning how to turn at cross roads, Elliott also enjoyed trying out a turn in the road and descibed the whole event as pretty perfect. 
Elliott is going to tell all his friends about the under 17s at Henstridge Airfield and would like to come again to another event.

 Driving Lessons Sherborne

 2nd2None Driving School