Driving Lessons Calne

Local male and female driving instructors providing both manual and automatic driving lessons in and around the area of Calne Wiltshire

manual driving lessons Calne

Manual Driving Lessons

Learning to drive in a manual car with a local driving instructor will give you the best options upon passing your driving test.

automatic driving lessons Calne

Automatic Driving Lesson

No Clutch, No Gears, Just eaier relaxed driving with our automatic driving instructors here in Calne

1200+ Customer Reviews

Our local team of driving instructors has a great collection of over 1200 customer reviews, Use the button below to see why we should be your first choice for local driving lessons in Calne.

Driving Lessons near me

Shona Hunt

I was a nervous learner but Stacey was fantastic, thank you Stacey for getting to my test. 

Automatic Driving Lessons Calne

Alex H

I just want to say another massive thanks to Steve. Gave me confidence in my driving from the first lesson. Passed first time, and I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor.

Local Driving Lessons

The majority of Calne residents enroll in weekly driving lessons to learn how to operate either an automatic or manual vehicle. We suggest that you take two-hour driving lessons at a time as a new driver. A two-hour driving lesson will allow you to cover more ground and devote more time to each subject, resulting in you becoming a safe and confident driver more quickly than if you only took hourly driving lessons once a week. As a consequence, you will spend less money studying for your driving exam and require fewer hours.

Automatic driving courses may be suitable for someone who finds changing gears difficult or who finds driving to be a really arduous duty (even after a fair few lessons, when for most of us the whole clutch-gear-biting point thing has switched to autopilot mode)

Driving an automatic car has many benefits that are obvious. Although your fuel usage may be slightly less economical than that of a manual car, it can make a big difference in the amount of labour necessary when driving on longer routes because the car changes gear for you when it needs to. This in turn, will allow you to concentrate on the more important aspects of learning to drive.

Intensive Driving Courses

As well as weekly driving lessons, our team of local driving instructors are also able to provide you with intensive driving courses in Calne; these are sometimes referred to as "crash courses," and they can save you a lot of time and money when learning to drive. 

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