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Driving Lessons Thornbury
Driving Lessons Thornbury Driving Lessons Thornbury Intensive Driving Courses Thornbury
Driving Lessons Thornbury

Driving Lessons Thornbury

Driving Lessons Thornbury

0333 7729642

Male and Female driving instructors in Thornbury

driving instructor Training in Thornbury

Over 230 Driving Test Passes in 2016


Driving Lessons Thornbury

There has never been a better time to start your driving lessons in Thornbury. With an experienced driving instructor from 2nd2None driving school you are amost guaranteed that first time pass. We help hundreds of pupils of all ages and ability pass their driving test every year and currently teach over 600 pupils every week.

Some people think all driving instructors in Thornbury are the same!

Did you know that over 30% of people will change their driving instructor before ever taking a driving test, thats a staggering 234,000 people every year that change to a different driving instructor or driving school.

So why choose us for your driving lessons in Thornbury?

Why are we any different to the next driving instructor in Thornbury you might ask, Well as you know we teach over 600 learner drivers how to drive each week and we have more driving test passes than any other driving school in Thornbury, we have over 8 years as the leading driving school in Thornbury and this is all down to our hard working driving instructors and the high quality of their driving lessons that offer real value for money. We also have Over 500 Customer Reviews that have been left for us by our thrilled pupils once they had passed their driving test with us.

All our your driving lessons in Thornbury will be structured in a way that you can easily understand, and that allows you to learn what you need to learn at a pace that suits your abilities and needs.

You wont be parked at the side of the road for hours being talked down too like we often hear from other pupils joining our school from other instructor. You will be expected to drive from the very first lesson and maybe if you progress well enough you can even drive home.

With our wealth of knowledge and experienced driving instructors in Thornbury we aim to get you through your driving test first time and as quickly as possible with the least cost to you. We thrive on outstanding customer service and satisfaction. I guarantee you wont be disapointed with 2nd2none.

So is there anything else you would like to know about your driving lessons in Thornbury?

If you have further questions then our full time office staff can answer most of them and if there is anything they dont know then we will arrange for a qualified driving instructor to call you back with the answer.


One Week Intensive Driving Courses


As well as weekly driving lessons in Thornbury we are also able to provide you with One Week Intensive Driving Courses in Thornbury and the surrounding area. Our Intensive courses range from just 12 hours upto 42 hours for the complete beginner. 

On average most people with a little previous driving experience take the 30hr intensive driving course and pass in just 5 days with your driving test on the final day at one of the local driving test centres in Bristol. This can be a great way to pass your driving test in just one or two weeks.

Before we can book your practical driving test and intensive course you will need to have passed your theory test, please feel free to take advantage of our free theory test pro app from the menu above.

We can also book your theory test for you if required.

Please take a look at our Intenisve Driving Lessons page for more details on how we can help you get your driving licence even quicker.



Book your driving lessons in Thornbury and start on the

road to independence and freedom

please call Thornbury on 

0333 7729642


Have you ever considered becoming a driving instructor?

We have local ORDIT registered driving instructor trainers based in Bristol and the surrounding areas. We are able to provide you with complete driving instructor training courses and work around your current work commitments.

Additional Driving Instructors required in Thornbury and North Bristol areas

Call for a bespoke package

0117 9051155

 Driving Lessons Thornbury

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To book your driving lessons in Thornbury, Almondsbury, Yate or surrounding area's call us on

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 Driving Lessons Thornbury