Driving Lessons Keynsham

Manual and Automatic Driving Lessons + Intensive Driving Courses

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Driving Lessons Keynsham

Driving Lessons Keynsham

Driving Lessons Keynsham

Learn to drive in Keynsham and you can get your freedom and independence and also greatly improve your job prospects and social circles.

So Why Choose Us for your driving lessons in Keynsham?

Everyone learns in different ways, so its important to choose a driving instructor in Keynsham that will respond to your needs. Our local driving instructors in Keynsham are Steve, Gary and Andy and their aim is to deliver high quality, structured driving lessons that safely build your confidence, knowledge and understanding at a pace that is suitable for you. We also strive to make your driving lessons enjoyable while teaching you everything you need to know to not only pass your driving test first time but also to become a safe driver for life.

You local team of driving instructors will work hard to guide you through the learning to drive syllabus and keep you informed of your progress each week. While we cannot guarantee everyone will pass their driving test first time, our driving instructors aim to help you achieve this feat. A couple of weeks before your driving test you will be given the opportunity to sit a mock test which will give you a better idea of what to expect.

George Spencer

Andy was a fantastic instructor. From day 1 he was always trying to push me with challenges to make me a better driver, and with each lesson I felt that I was always progressing with driving skills to prepare me for the test. Andy always had a smile on his face and was always dedicated to teaching you to the highest of standard. Couldn’t be more happier with the experience and the instructor, would recommend to anyone who is thinking about learning to drive...

Thanks again Andy 👍

Driving Lessons Keynsham

Manual Driving Lessons

Manual Driving Lessons in Keynsham

Manual driving lessons are still very popular and will allow you to drive the greatest range of vehicles both manual and automatic once you have passed your driving test. 

We have two local manual driving instructors providing driving lessons in Keynsham.

Automatic Driving Lessons Keynsham

Automatic Driving Lessons

Automatic Driving Lessons in Keynsham

Take some the stress away with your driving lessons by going automatic.

Automatic driving lessons are now available in Kenysham and the surrounding areas as either weekly automatic driving lessons or as an automatic intensive driving courses.

With Automatic driving lessons there is no clutch or gears to grapple with, just simply select drive and off you go. This will make things a lot easier for you and will allow you more time to concentrate on the road ahead instead of worrying about what gear you are in. 

Talitha Joy

Andy Dunn is an excellent instructor. He's personable, considerate and fair. Always having your driving needs at the forefront of his mind, Andy is always considering the learning needs of his pupils. His teaching techniques are so informative that each lesson you take will leave you feeling prepared or progressed towards the test. After a couple of different driving instructors, Andy shone above the rest, I could try to convince you why but if you book with him you'll understand. Couldn't be happier with my experience learning from him. THANK YOU

Intensive Driving Courses Keynsham

Intensive Driving Courses

Intensive Driving Courses in Keynsham

Are you in a hurry to pass your driving test?

If you are, then why not consider one of our Intensive Driving Courses in Keynsham. Intensive Driving Courses or Crash Courses as they are sometimes called, can be a great way of learning to drive and passing your driving test in record time.

Our intensive driving courses run Monday to Friday normally between 9am and 4pm and your driving test will be booked for the finl day of your intensive driving course.

Learning to drive this way will save you months of lessons and in doing so will mean you also need a lot less hours to reach the driving test standard, in turn this can save you a lot of money over normal weekly driving lessons.

Please contact our customer services for more details on the next available intensive driving course in Keynsham.

Cathy Cluett

Thank you 2nd2none for helping my daughter Erin pass her test first time today.😁
Garry is an amazing instructor and can’t recommend him enough. Thank you Garry !

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Olivia Mcaleer

I passed my driving test first time. I couldn't have done it without my instructor Nicky who gave me confidence to drive from the very start as well as giving informative structured lessons.

It was very easy to book lessons and the times were flexible. 
I would definitely recommend this driving school.

Driving Instructors Keynsham

Milly Dando

A massive congratulations to Milly Dando from Bristol on passing her driving test today 31/12/19 at Bristol Kingswood test centre on the first attempt with only 4 minor faults, completing a perfect park on the right.

All the best from your driving instructor Steve Elliott and the rest of the team here at 2nd2None Driving School.

Automatic Driving Lessons Keynsham

Jayne Holt

Congratulations to Jayne Holt from Bristol on passing her driving test today 30/12/19 in the Automatic car at Kingswood Bristol.

All the best from your driving instructor Gary Payne and the rest of the team here at 2nd2None Driving School.

Driving Schools Keynsham

Joshua Linn

A massive congratulations to Joshua Linn on passing his driving test today 30/12/19 on the FIRST attempt at Brislington, Bristol.

Well done Joshua and safe driving in the future from your Driving Instructor Steve Elliott & all the team here at 2nd2None Driving School.

Driving Lessons Keynsham

Chelsea Claxton

Congratulations to Chelsea Claxton from Keynsham on passing her test 06/11/19 in Chippenham.

Well done Chelsea and a safe driving in the future from your driving instructor Nicky Hulin & all the team here at 2nd2None Driving School

Automatic Driving Lessons Keynsham

Lauren Whitcher

My driving instructor was James Orgar, Very good instructor and company would highly recommend, came away with just 1 minor!

Why Did You Choose Our Driving School For Your Driving Lessons:
They offered intensive courses and covered my area.

Driving Instructors Keynsham

Dennis Hopkins

A great experience and definitely worth doing if you wish to drive quickly and safely. The course covered everything including motorway driving and is a great experience to learn.

Before doing my intensive driving courses I had done a Under 17’s driving experience with the company that helped me cope with the 5 day course better, the instructors are nice and friendly as well

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