Join this Driving School

If your an experienced driving instructor looking for a new place to call home, then take a look at what our driving school has to offer.

If you require training to become an ADI then please see here!

Our driving school has a couple of different options for those experienced ADI's looking for the right fit.

Pay Per Pupil

Our Pay Per Pupil option is extremely popular amoung those ADI's that only need the occasional top up of work but at the same time require the full support of an expert team behind them.

At just £40 per pupil we aim to offer ADI's unbelievable value for a tiny bit of their time.

So how does it work I hear you say, We do all the leg work, we take care of all the advertising and sourcing new customers. We handle all the phone calls and arrangements and book the new customer directly into one of your available slots using a cloud based diary system that you control. 

The pupil pays us for their two hour lesson upfront when we book them in, this means your less likely to get a no show or late cancellation. All you have to do is turn up, give the best high quality 2 hour lesson of your life and simply book the customer in for another lesson the following week. We will then transfer you the lesson fee minus our £40 charge and the pupil is yours until they pass their driving test. Its that simple.

The first lesson will always be two hours so after we deduct our one off £40 charge you can expect to receive £20 - £25 for that first 2 hour lesson. After the first lesson the customer will need to pay for their next lesson before booking, they can either pay you directly or we can take payment over the phone if they or you prefer. If we need to take additional payments over the phone then a card charge will be deducted before the funds are transfered to your bank account. This fee varies between 1.8% and 3.5% depending on the type of card used.

So how much is a customer normally worth?

If the average driving lesson is £30 per hour and the average customer takes 45 hours to pass their driving test then each customer will be worth £1350, plus dont forget that every happy customer and a great review will normally lead to several other valuable customers coming your way, so the true value could run in to multiple thousands. 

The best thing about this option is that if you dont require any new customers then you dont pay anything.

Regular Traditional Franchise

Minimum term 3 months

So our regular franchise starts with a 3 month contract followed by a rolling 30 day contract. 

We don't expect you pay anything until you have a minimum of 10 hours per week booked and confirmed in your diary. And after the first 3 months if your diary ever drops below 10 hours per week then we will put your franchise payments on hold until you have 10 hours booked in and confirmed.

  • Our tradional franchise offers you the security of regular new pupils as and when you need them.
  • All lessons are PRE - PAY so no shows and late cancellations will become a thing of the past.
  • All payments we take for you, be it supplied customers or self sourced are included with no additional charges.
  • You can have complete control of your diary or our team can run your diary for you based around your availability.
  • Free one to one Standards Check Training with our in house training team.
  • Local targeted advertising campaign designed to keep you busy and known in your local area.
  • Company uniform to help you promote yourself and your services.
  • Free Theory Training for your customers.
  • Free loan of a dual controlled car for up to 3 days if required due to breakdown of your own.
  • Complete back up and customer support from our team of office based ADI's or on a more personal in person basis as and when required.
  • Become part of our local team and work with other like minded ADI's.
  • Increased earning potential with our ADI owner always looking to increase your hourly income.
  • Manual Lessons charged at £32.50 in most areas
  • Automatic Lessons charged at £37.50 in most areas

The above franchise will cost you £75.00 per week with two weeks franchise free per year.

Intensive Course Franchise

You will be delivering our intensive driving courses across your chosen area, the larger the area you cover, the greater amount of work you will receive.

The best thing about delivering intensive driving courses is that you will be in the same area each day of the course reducing traveling time and mileage normally associated with multiple daily pupils. 

The course will be paid for in advance so you can relax knowing that your pupil has already made payment before you leave home. Our office based team will transfer 50% (£420 based on 30 hours) of the course fee into your bank on the first day of the course. The remaining balance will be paid in on the final day of the course.

Most of our intensive driving course instructors are usually booking courses 2-3 months in advance so this can be a really good way to have a full diary and make plans around your future work.

No weekly charge for this franchise option as we take our costs from the course deposits.

Dual Control Car Lease

We are able to supply you with one of our brand new or nearly new dual control cars as part of one of our franchise options above.

You car will include full mainatainence and insurance + front and rear Blackvue cameras.

Each car is also fitted with telematics which can be used in your driver training.

Cars will be on a 24 month, 70,000 miles contract.

We also promise to get a replacement car to you within 24 hours in case of breakdown.

Prices starting from £145.16 per week 

With all of the above option you will get the full support of our team, we will be there on the phone or in person to help you at any point. We are happy to deal with all your customers if required and will support both them and you in anyway that we can.

As part of the team you will be given a company roof sign and a company fleece, you will also have access to our team of instructor trainers at a discounted rate for any help or advice regarding your standards check. 

In return all we want you to do is ahear to our quality expectations on delivering a good valuable driving lesson and great customer service. We will also expect you do your best to get pupil pass photos and customer reviews so we can help gain you future work as and when you need it.

If you require anymore information then please call our customer service team on 0333 7729642 and we will be happy to help.