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Manual Driving Lessons Truro - Intensive Driving Courses


Join our driving school franchise here in Truro from just £75pw

Driving Lessons Truro

We dont just teach you to drive, here at 2nd2None driving school we give you your independence and freedom that only a full driving licence can bring.

Think of it this way, no more waiting around in the cold for the local bus, no more begging for lifts from friends and family. With a full driving licence your the one calling the shots and taking your life in the direction that you choose to go.

Being able to drive can make that big difference for the better to anyone. And her with our instructors that is our aim for you.

Driving Lessons Truro is part of 2nd2none Driving School so you can expect only the highest standard of driving tuition from some of the most qualified and experienced driving instructors in Truro.

Your local driving instructor in Truro is Stuart Holloway who has years of teaching experience and hundreds of past happy pupils that have passed their driving test, many first time.

Driving Instructors Truro

Weekly Driving Lessons Truro

Most people learn to drive by having weekly lessons in Truro and we would recommend that as a learner driver, you have two hour lessons at a time. Two hour driving lessons will allow you to learn more and spend more time on each subject meaning you can be ready for your driving test quicker than if you only took hourly lessons each week. This in turn can help you save money as you will need less hours to be ready for your driving test.

Driving Lessons Truro have local driving instructors offering manual driving lessons in Truro and the surrounding areas. We even have a discounted intro deal to get you started with your driving lessons.

You driving instructor will be happy to pick you up from home, work or college and will then take you to a suitable area to start your driving lesson.

Driving Lessons Truro

Automatic Driving Lessons Truro

Learning to drive in an automatic car can take a lot of the stress out of learning to drive and make the whole process easier to achieve.

Most pupils will get on fine with clutch control and changing gears after a couple of hours but for some of us it can prove a real challenge especially when we have everything else to concentrate on while learning to drive.

Unfortunately Automatic Driving Lessons are not currently available in Truro.

Automatic Driving Lessons Truro

One Week intensive Driving Courses Truro

We are also able to offer you a one week intensive driving course in Truro and the surrounding areas. These are sometimes also referred to as Crash Courses and these intensive courses can be an ideal way for you to reach the driving test standard sooner and be ready to take your driving test at an earlier date than you would with conventional weekly driving lessons.

This can be a perfect way to learn to drive if you need your driving licence fast as maybe a new job offer depends on it or you are simply too busy for weekly driving lessons. By having your driving lessons close together, it can also mean you need less hours of driving overall to reach the driving test standard and so in turn an intensive driving course can save you money on the cost of learning to drive.

These type of driving courses can be very tiring and require serious commitment from you. They may not be suitable for everyone and it is recommended that you have at least had a couple of driving lessons before considering a one week intensive driving course.

Driving Schools Truro

Before we can book your practical driving test or your intensive driving course you will need to have passed your theory test as we prefer to book your practical driving test for the last day of your intensive driving course as this proves to be better for you than having to wait for the driving test.

Call us on 0333 7729642
and speak to our friendly customer support team for more details or take a look at our intensive one week intensive driving course page. You might be able to pass your driving test in time for the weekend. 

Intensive Courses are available in Manual cars only

These sessions are designed to teach you the basics of car control in a safe private training area away from the roads, you will also learn about road safety and procedures to help you understand the dangers of the road.

Cornwalls new under 17s venue at Stithians Showground with qualified driving instructors.

Driving Test Passes

Below are some of our recent driving test passes from Truro

Driving Lessons in Truro

Ellie - Truro

Congratulations to Ellie Tripp from Truro, on passing her practical driving test at Camborne test centre on the first attempt today.

A great drive with just 2 minor faults,well done and good luck from your driving instructor Stuart Holloway and all the driving school team here at 2nd2none Driving School

Local driving Instructors Truro

Louis - Truro

Well done to Louis Rhodes from Truro on passing his practical driving test at Camborne test centre FIRST time!!

Good luck for the future and safe driving from your driving instructor Stuart Holloway and all at 2nd2None Driving School

Driving Lessons Truro

Natalie - Falmouth

Well done to Natalie Woods from Truro on passing her practical driving test today at Camborne Test Center,

Natalie was one of our Perranporth under 17's and passed first time with 7 minor faults, good luck for the future from your instructor Stuart Holloway and all the team here at 2nd2none Driving School.