Driving Lessons Bruton

Driving Lessons Bruton is part of 2nd2None Driving School and we have 3 local driving instructors providing both weekly and Intensive driving courses in Bruton and the surrounding areas.

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Driving Lessons Bruton
Driving Lessons Bruton

Manual Driving Lessons Bruton

Learn to drive in Bruton with our local driving instructors. We always encourage our pupils to have two hour lessons when having weekly driving lessons. Two hour driving lessons will allow you to learn more and spend more time on each subject meaning you can be ready for your driving test quicker than if you only took hourly driving lessons each week.

This in turn can help you save money as you will need less hours to be ready for your driving test.We have local driving instructors offering both manual and automatic driving lessons in Bruton. 

Driving Lessons Bruton

Intensive Driving Courses Bruton / Crash Course

Both Manual and Automatic Intensive Courses now available in Bruton.

This can be ideal if you want to pass your driving test sooner or you do not have enough free time for regular weekly driving lessons spread out over many months.

Learning this way is not for everybody but having Intensive driving lessons can seriously reduce the amount of driving lesson hours that you need to be test ready and this can save you a great deal of money. Plus you can in most cases be on the road after just one to two weeks of driving tuition.You will need to have passed your Theory test before we can book your Practical driving test but you can use our Theory Test Pro for free to help you get started.

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Automatic Driving Lessons Bruton

Take it easy with automatic driving lessons in Bruton.

Learning to drive in an automatic car can take of the pressure of learning to drive. Because there is no clutch of gears to worry about you will have less to think about which means you will have more time to deal with the things on the road.

Automatic Driving Lessons Bruton

PRE-17 Driving Lessons Bruton

If you want to learn to drive but are not 17 yet, dont worry as we run regular under 17 driving sessions at Henstridge Airfield and The Royal Bath & West Showground near Shepton Mallet for young drivers aged 12 upwards. These session are just £54 for 60mins one to one driving session.

The Under 17's are usually run once a month and will give you great experience of driving a car in the safety of our off road areas without other traffic. And every session will go towards your driving lessons when you turn 17. 

As long as you are 4ft 8ins and 12 years of age or older then you can attend our under 17 sessions.

Driving Schools Bruton

All Driving Instructors Are The Same, Arent They?

Its tough looking for the right driving instructor or driving school in Bruton with so many to choose from how do you know which driving school is the right one for you and your needs. Its not surprising that most people think that all driving instructors are the same but did you know that an average 30% of learner drivers change their driving instructor before ever taking a driving test. Put it another way, that is a staggering 234'000 people every year that change their driving instructor.

So this tells you that we are not all the same, in fact there are some very big differences between driving schools and different driving instructors in Bruton, So choose wisely as the choice you make can make a very real difference to the time and amount you pay to get your full driving licence.

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Driving Instructors Bruton

So What Can You Expect From Your Driving Lesson in Bruton

Firstly our driving instructors and office staff are here to help you, we will listen to what your needs are, maybe you are happy to have regular lessons each week. Maybe 1-2 hours a week is enough or maybe you are short on time and you want to pass your driving test fast and one of our intensive driving courses in Yeovil would better suit your requirements.

What ever your needs you will find our team of driving instructors friendly and willing to help you make the most of your driving lessons,

Driving Lessons Bruton
Driving Instructors Bruton

Ben Jeans

Past my test today in Yeovil with only three minors, James is a fantastic teacher I have learned a lot from him. Great value for money, I paid for my lessons in bulk. Really thankful for all he has done thanks!!

Driving Schools Bruton

Jake McCoid

Congratulations to Jake McCoid currently based at Yeovilton Royal Navy Air Station on passing his driving test today in Yeovil today with his driving instructor Chris Jennings.

Driving Schools Bruton

Connor Charlton

Congratulations to Connor Charlton from Thornford nr Sherborne who passed his test today FIRST time in Yeovil with 3 driving faults.

Well done Connor and safe driving in the future from your driving instructor Chris Jennings & all the team here at 2nd2None Driving School

Driving Lessons Bruton

Cameron Dyer

A big congratulations to Cameron Dyer who passed his driving test today 1st time at Yeovil DTC with only 1 fault Cameron completed one of our 30 hour intensive course.

Safe driving your mini from your driving instructors James Orgar and Steven Steele, and all the team here at 2nd2None Driving School.

Driving Schools Bruton

Megan James

Congratulations to Megan James who passed her test 1st time in Yeovil yesterday 02/02/18 with 6 driving faults.....

All the best from your driving instructor Chris Jennings and the whole team here at 2nd2None driving School

Driving Lessons Bruton

Oli Harmer

Congratulations to Oli Harmer on passing his driving test today in Yeovil Driving test centre.

All the best from your driving instructor Lorraine Rydon and the entire team here at 2nd2None Driving School

The best driving instructors in Bruton

Ronald Brooks

Congratulations to Ronald Brooks on passing his driving test today in Yeovil Driving Test Centre.

Well done Ronald and safe driving in the future from your driving instructor Steve and all the team here at 2nd2None Driving School