What should you do if invloved in a Road Traffic Accident

Unfortunately accidents happen, it's just part of life and the more you drive the higher the chances are of you becoming involved in a road traffic accident or RTA for short.

So if the unfortunate happens, what should you do?

  • Stop the car - failure to stop if involved in an RTA is a criminal offence
  • Switch off your engine and put on your hazard warning lights
  • Check yourself and your passengers for injuries - Call an ambulance if need be
  • Make sure it's safe before getting out of your vehicle
  • If other vehicle are involved, make sure it's safe before checking on them
  • If there are injuries then the police should be called by dialling 999
  • If its a minor incident, exchange your details with the other driver. You want their name, address, contact number and if they have it, their insurance details.
  • Take note of the other vehicle's registration, make, model and colour 
  • If you can take photos of any damage to both vehicles as evidence in case of a dispute
  • It can be helpful to take details of any witnesses that seen the accident occur. 
  • Contact your insurer and report incident to the police using 101
What to do if your involved in a road traffic collision

If you are involved in an accident you must stop and exchange details with any other vehicles involved, make sure you take photos of any damage caused to the other vehicle and take details of any witnesses to the accident.

Avoid accepting blame for the accident or saying sorry until you know exactly what happened. If you hit a parked vehicle and there is no one around, you should still leave your details on a note and place the note on the windscreen of the damaged car, use the windscreen wipers to secure the note.

If your car is too damaged to drive away from an accident your insurance company may be able to arrange collection of the car, alternatively your breakdown cover may also cover this service but be aware there may be an extra charge for collecting your vehicle this way.

Better safe than sorry

The easiest way to avoid disputes in the event of an accident is to get yourself a good quality dashcam, this can save a lot of hassle and can even save you money on your car insurance with certain companies as it makes their decision making in the event of a dispute easier to resolve.