Learning to drive with your Parents

Learning to drive with a parent or a loved one can cause some real stresses in any relationship. I have in the past had young pupils tell me they have had a lesson with their Dad and when I asked how it went, it normally ends in them being shouted at, which obviously doesnt help much with the nerves. Unfortunately having someone that knows you too well might not always be the best situation when learning to drive and can lead to a few arguments.

For those of you that are still feeling brave and willing to take the risk, i have listed below a few pointers for both you the learner and for whoever is sitting next to you and advising you on your lessons. 


Remember for someone to sit next to you when you are learning to drive, they must be a full licence holder aged 21+ and held their full driving licence for a minimum of 3 years. And remember that although you are driving they are ultimutly in charge of the car and doing their best to keep you safe, so they much be paying you their full attention the whole time and not being texting or talking on their mobile phone as if caught they will be prosecuted as if they were driving themselves.

Mirror Checks

One of the most common faults we find when someone has been learning to drive with a parent or loved one in the lack of mirror checks. You basically need to check your mirrors before you do anything,

Turning Left and Right

You should always check your mirror before you signal to turn left or right. You should always check the centre mirror followed by left or right dependent on which direction you are going and you need to check these mirrors in good time so you can respond to what you are seeing, so around 10 car lengths before the junction. 

Moving around other vehicles

You should again check your centre right mirror to move around a parked car and also check your centre left mirror before moving back in past the parked car, this also applys to anything you are passing, so cyclists for an example.

Changing Speed

You should always check your centre mirror before changing speed, so anything that makes you slow down or brake and also before you increase your speed. 

  • The Reason - The reason we check the centre mirror check before changing speed (Slowing Down) is to see what might be following us behind, we then need to judge how we slow down, do we need to be more gradual to give the car time to back off or is it safe to brake and bring the speed down more quickly.
  • You need to check the centre mirror before increasing your speed to make sure it is safe and no one is about to overtake you before you increase your speed.