Manual or Automatic Driving Lessons?

Should I learn in a manual or an automatic car?

When looking for an instructor consider what car they use. Is it a manual or an automatic?

While automatics are easier to drive as there is no clutch or gears to master, you won’t legally be able to drive a manual if you pass in an automatic.

Unless you’ve got disabilities preventing you from driving a manual, a manual licence will offer you more flexibility in the future but saying that so many new cars sold are now automatic, all your hybrid and electric cars will be automatic and almost all new lorrys and busses sold today will also be automatic.

So the descision is yours but it looks like automatic vehicle are the future but if you decide to learn in a manual you will currently have more cars to choice from when you pass your driving test and the best bit, if you pass your manual driving test then you can drive automatic cars anyway.