Automatic Driving Lessons Yeovil

Take the stress out of learning to drive with our automatic driving lessons in Yeovil

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Automatic Driving Lessons Yeovil
Automatic Driving Lessons Yeovil

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Automatic Driving Lessons Yeovil

Automatic intensive driving lessons can be ideal for anyone who struggles with changing gear, who finds driving a very complex task (even after a fair few lessons, when for most of us the whole clutch-gear-biting point thing has switched to autopilot mode)

Automatic Driving Lessons in Yeovil will take away the stress of learning to drive and make the whole experience and enjoyable one.

Benefits of learning to drive an automatic car

Driving an automatic car has definite benefits, too. The car changes gear for you at the appropriate time, so you’ll rarely over-rev an automatic car; and although your fuel consumption may be slightly less economical than a manual car, overall it can make a worthwhile difference in the level of effort required when driving on longer journeys.

Learning to drive in the busy streets of Yeovil can be very exhausting and troublesome for a lot of learner drivers, driving an Automatic car can make learning to drive a lot less stressful as all you need to do is control the brake and the accelerator. And with all the stop start required from driving the Yeovil streets it can really make a positive difference to your journey. 

And because learning to drive in an automtic car is easier it should mean that you will need less hours to reach the driving test stanard than you would with a conventional gear box and clutch which will save you money on lerning to drive.

Yeovil Automatic Driving Lessons

We often find this can also lead to you needing less overall driving lessons as you will pick up driving a lot quicker which can save you both time and money.

However, there are several significant downsides to driving an automatic car. If you take your driving test in an automatic car, you’re not qualified to drive a manual car. If, on the other hand, you pass your test in a manual, you are allowed to drive an automatic.

There are no real issues with automatic lessons in themselves: you learn the same things (mostly) and are examined on the same aspects of driving in your practical test. The difference comes when you actually pass, and only you will know if those differences are going to matter.

Yeovil Automatic Driving School

We have specialist automatic driving instructor in Yeovil that concentrate their teaching skills on automatic driving lessons.


Please contact us for our coverage area on 01935 584123

Yeovil Automatic Lessons

Automatic Intensive Driving Courses

As well as weekly Automatic Driving Lessons in Yeovil, we are also able to provide you with One Week Intensive Driving Courses across the whole of Yeovil and the surrounding areas.

Our Automatic intensive driving courses are available in 12 hour courses (2 days) up to 42 hour courses (7 days) so there is an Automatic intensive driving course to suit all levels of previous driving experience.

The Automatic intensive driving courses run Monday - Friday 9-4 each day, with two 30 minute breaks. Before we can book your Automatic intensive driving courses in Yeovil, you will need to have passed your drivers theory test. We are unable to book your practical driving test until you have passed the theory test.

Automatic Driving Lessons Yeovil

As soon as you have passed your theory test, please give our customer services team a call on 01935 584123 and they will find you a driving test and pair it with one of our automatic driving instructors in Yeovil. We will then take a deposit and the rest will be payable around two weeks before the automatic intensive driving courses is due to start, You may also be able to pay in instalments if this would be easier for you. 

For more information about our intensive driving courses, please take a look at our Automatic Intensive Driving Courses page below.

(Manual driving lessons and intensive courses are also available in Yeovil)

Some of our recent Automatic driving test passes

Pass your driving test 1st time in an Automatic car

Automatic Driving Lessons Yeovil

Kelly Parslow

My driving instructor was Adam Butler. I've done an 18 hour intense course with Adam from 2nd to none, I was very anxious about driving, as soon as I met him he made me feel at ease I would highly recommend him to anybody, I just passed my practical driving test with 2 minors. He concentrated on my weaknesses and made me so much more confident on the road. I can't thank him enough!! Thank you Adam!!!

I chose this driving school because the intensive course suited my needs with availability.
Is There Anything We Could Of Done Better: No
Please Rate Our Service 5/5: 5

Automatic Driving Lessons Yeovil

Lewis Pennycott

My intensive course was long and, for a lack of better words, intense. However, with Adam's honest criticism and feedback, I was able to conquer my anxieties and pass my test! It was tough, but I'm glad I succeeded. Adam has been nothing but the best.

Why Did You Choose Our Driving School For Your Driving Lessons: I was recommended this course by many of my friends who had also passed using 2nd2none.

Is There Anything We Could Of Done Better: Nothing that springs to mind, this course has been great.

Please Rate Our Service 5/5: 5/5

Automatic Driving Lessons Yeovil

David Brayshaw

I can't thank Paul Shackleton enough for all the help and encouragement he has given me during this driving course. I started off terrified behind the wheel and concerned because of my limited mobility. But Paul is a great teacher who was patient with me yet pushed me when I needed to be pushed. He taught me the skills and gave me the confidence I needed to pass first time.

Thanks again Paul.

Automatic Driving Lessons Yeovil

Dean Ford

Ray has been brilliant and has been very patient and helpful. And i am delighted to have passed my test 1st time thanks to Ray. "I did research online and had found the driving school 2nd2none to be very reputable."

Automatic Driving Lessons Yeovil

Carly Stroud

Congratulations to Carly Stroud who passed her automatic driving test today, FIRST time.

Well done Carly and safe driving in the future from your driving instructor Kerry Cade and all the team here at 2nd2None Driving School

Automatic Driving Schools in Yeovil

Carina Foo

Congratulations to Carina Foo who passed FIRST time with just 1 minor today, after completing an automatic intensive driving course.

Well done Carina and safe driving in the future from your driving instructor Ray Munro & all the team here at 2nd2None Driving School

Automatic Driving Schools Yeovil

Tina Ellingsworth

I cannot rate Gareth highly enough, I passed my test today at the age of 46, something I was told I would never do. Gareth was so patient and understanding, but we also had a good laugh along the way. Thank you Gareth you are a STAR

Yeovil Automatic Driving Instructors

Alysa Blackwood

Gareth has been a wonderful instructor and had more faith in me than I did in myself, and at 52 (and extremely nervous) I passed first time this afternoon at the Southmead Test Centre in Bristol. 
Thank you Gareth and 2nd3none for such a fantastic service. x

Automatic Driving Instructors in Yeovil

Shelby Horwood

A FIRST time pass with ZERO faults... Shelby Horwood passed her Automatic test on 31/10/18. 

Well done Shelby and safe driving in the future from your driving instructor Kerry Cade & all the team here at 2nd2None Driving School

Automatic Driving Lessons Yeovil

For weekly manual driving lessons in Yeovil please follow the link below.