CATEGORY D1 - D1+E - C1 - B+E

All courses are based at our Dorset office: 01747 440500 

(B+E) Car & Trailer

If you passed you car (Catagory B) driving test after the 1st January 1997 then you will be limited to only towing small trailers of no more than 750kg. 

Our B+E Car and Trailer Course will enable you to tow larger trailers up to 3500kg

Car and Trailer Towing  Dorset

D1 (Minibus)

If you passed your practical driving test after 1st January 1997 and you would like to drive larger minibuses with 16 seats then you will need to take a Minibus D1 practical test.

Our Minibus D1 Course is designed to help you achieve the test standard for such vehicles.

You will need to pass a simple medical examination and also take an additional Theory and Hazard Perception Test but we can help you with that as well. 

Minibus Training Dorset

D1+E (Minibus & Trailer)

This course will allow anyone who already holds a D1 Minibus licence to tow a larger trailer over 750kg.

We offer different courses depending on your previous towing experience. You will need to have passed your D1 Minibus Test before being able to do this trailer course.

Minibus and Trailer Training

C1 (7.5t LGV)

This course is designed for anyone wishing to add medium sized good vehicle or larger vans to their driving licence. We use a 7t Iveco Daily for all our training and can offer various courses depending on your previous driving experience.

This course will require you to pass a medical examination and take an additional Theory and Hazard Perception Test but dont worry as we can help you with this.

LGV Driving Courses

C1+E (7.5t LGV & Trailer)

This is a C1 upgrade to tow larger trailers over 750kg. You will need to already hold C1 catagory on your driving licence to do this course.