Driving School Partnership Basic

We beleive that are Driving School Partnership really is the best partnership out there on the market and offers you the ADI real support and value for money. But as we know, no two people are the same and maybe you dont require our full package but would still like to be part of our team. So we have put together a Driving School Partnership Basic package for you to consider.

The Basic Package

So what do you get with our basic package?

  • You still get our loyalty and support
  • Access to the Total Drive Diary System and Pupil App
  • Theory Test Pro for your pupils
  • No Payment, No Booking Policy
  • No Additional Fee's for Customers
  • If we take a payment through the office for your pupil at any point then a 3% charge of the transaction will apply. (If they pay you directly or through the app then this extra charge will not apply.) 
  • No Fee if C-19 Lockdown
  • No Tie-In Contracts

For more information about the things listed here for this Basic Package please seen our Regular Partnership Package page here

Our basic package will cost you just £49 per week.

So how does it work?

  1. We supply you with a roof sign on exchange of your first payment
  2. We will give you access to the Total Drive diary system.
  3. We source all of your customers and add their basic details to your diary waiting list based on your chosen coverage post codes.
  4. We will automatically send the new pupil a link to the diary app, (The pupil can not book their own place on the diary)
  5. You can contact any pupils that are on the app waiting list and book them in on a day and time that suites.
  6. The customer once confirmed in your diary can pay you using the app in advance of the driving lesson which complies with our No Payment, No Booking policy.
  7. If we take a payment for your pupil through the office at any point, then we will charge 3% of the transaction to cover our costs in doing so. If they pay you directly then there is no additional charge.

The app will also send the new pupil,

  1. terms and conditions
  2. link for getting their driver code
  3. link to theory test pro
  4. link to book their theory
  5. link to book their driving test
  6. driver help and lesson guidance
  7. link to leave you a customer review

So there is how our basic Partnership package works.

As part of the Basic Partnership Package, you have the choice of having your own name and number on your training vehicle as long as our roof sign is in use as well for all your lessons.

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