Kingswood DVSA Driving Test Centre

Driving Lessons Kingswood

Practical Driving Test Centre Address
The Siston Centre
Station Road
BS15 4GQ

Bristol Kingswood is a multipurpose test centre and offers the following test types:

  • Car
  • Motorcycle module 1
  • Motorcycle module 2
  • Lorries, large vehicles and buses
  • ADI part 2
  • ADI part 3


Test Centre Details:  Male and female toilets are available. A car park is available at the test centre

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Common reasons for driving test failure at Warmley

  • Missing or not responding to speed change road signs on the ring road
  • Roundabouts on the ring road – mirror checks and lane discipline
  • Not overtaking slow vehicles on the dual carriageways with national speed limits
  • Clearance – Being too close to oncoming vehicles during meeting situations
  • Clearance – Parked cars on the left when returning to the test centre

Test route trouble spots

Make sure you don’t get caught out on your test by studying some of the more difficult and most common trouble spots that catch learners out. Make sure your instructor covers these areas with you.

Siston Hill Roundabout
  • Siston Hill Roundabout - First big roundabout by the test centre on the A4174

This large multilane roundabout is a spiral roundabout with traffic light control. If approaching the roundabout from the test centre along Station Road Link road there are 3 lanes, The 1st lane turns left only, 2nd last goes straight ahead and right to the the outside lane of the dual carriageway. The 3rd lane turns right on to the inside lane of the dual carriageway.

If you are going straight ahead towards Mangotsfield then on the approach you need the centre lane marked A1747 (S), once on the roundabout stay in the left lane marked M'FLD, dont forget to check your left door mirror and indicate and safely exit the roundabout onto Carsons Road Link, be aware of the 40MPH signs just after you exit the roundabout.

If you are turning right from Station Road Link onto the A4174 dual carriageway then use the centre lane marked A1747 (S) on the approach, go past the first exit and stay in the middle lane marked A1747 (S), as you are about to pass the 2nd exit for Mangotsfield and you need to check your left door mirror and make sure you are now in the far left hand lane marked A1747 at this point you should also indicate left ready to exit the roundabout. Keep in the left hand lane and drive onto the dual carriageway, in a short distance you will see signs for the national speed limit.

Remember there are 8 sets of traffic lights around this roundabout and depending on where you are going you may have to deal with 2-3 of these sets. So as well as the above please remember to keep an eye out for the traffic lights as they can stop you halfway around the roundabout.

If you are approaching the Siston Hill Roundabout South bound on the A4174 and turning right into Station Road Link towards the test centre then first be awre of the 30MPH speed milit signs as you approach the roundabout, not slowing down enough here after doing the national speed limit on the dual carriageway is one of the reasons many fail at Kingswood driving test centre. You will want to be in the right hand lane marked A1474 STPL HILL

When the lights allow enter the roundabout and stay close to the roundabout in the lane marked STPL HILL, remember the 2nd set of lights, after the 2nd set of lights keep in your lane and follow it to the outside of the roundabout in the lane marked STPL HILL, remember the 3rd set of lights as these by now are likely to be on red, dont forget to check your left door mirror and idicated before exiting the roundabout at the 3rd exit onto Station Road Link, remember to keep an eye on your speed as you will have been traveling on a fast road before now and are more likely to speed at this point. 

Downend Double Mini Roundabout Bristol
    • Downend Double Mini Roundabout

    The Downend mini double roaundabout is located at the junction of Westerleigh Road, Peache Road and Cleeve Road.

Downend Double Mini Roundabout Bristol
  • Bridgeyate/Warmley Double Mini Roundabout

The Bidgeyate mini double roundabout is located at the junction of London Road, Bath Road and Webbs Heath.

Deanery Road Roundabout Kingswood
  • Deanery Roundabout on the A1747

Approaching from Bridgeyate along the A420 and turning right onto the A4714 towards Emersons Green, on the approach keep to the right hand lane marked A1474 (N).

Once on the roundabout before the second set of lights the lane splits in to two, both marked A4174 (N), you need to keep to the left of these two lanes.

By time you get to the next set of lights on the roundabout you need to be right over to the left hand lane still marked A1474 (N) and then dont forget your mirrors before exiting the roundabout onto the A4174 Dual Carriageway.

Just remeber as with all roundabouts, take your time, dont rush and try and follow your lane. If you do need to change lanes or directions at any point the most important thing will me your mirror checks before you do so.

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