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Manual Intensive Driving Course Bath

For many years now the majority of people have learnt to drive in a manual car. Driving a manual car you will need to master clutch control and learn when to change the gear. 

Learning to drive in a manual car can take a bit longer and prove more difficult for some than learning in an automatic car.

Having a manual driving licence will allow you greater chioce of vehicles once you have passed your driving test.

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Automatic Intensive Driving Course Bath

Learning to drive in an automatic car can take a lot of the stress out of learning to drive and make the whole process easier to achieve.

Most pupils will get on fine with clutch control and changing gears after a couple of hours but for some of us it can prove a real challenge especially when we have everything else to concentrate on while learning to drive

Intensive Driving Courses Bath

Below are the differnt intensive driving courses available here in Bath, the prices are the same for both manual and automatic courses.

One week intensive driving courses Bath

18 Hour Intensive Driving Course Bath - £1210.00

Recommended 25 hours previous driving experience, driving mostly independently and familiar with the manouevers.

This 18 hour course requires a £395 deposit, payable upon booking

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24 Hour Intensive Driving Course Bath - £1480.00

Recommended 15-20 hour previous driving experience, driving semi-independently and introduced to all manouevers.

This 24 hour course requires a £395 deposit, payable upon booking

Intensive driving lessons Bath

30 Hour Intensive Driving Course Bath - £1750.00

Recommended 10 hours of previous driving experience, familier with controls and basic junctions.

This 30 hour course requires a £395 deposit, payable upon booking

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36 Hour Intensive Driving Course Bath - £2020.00

Recommended for a complete novice, well co-ordinated and quick learner

36 hour course requires a £395 deposit, payable upon booking

FREE Re-Test with this course

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42 Hour Intensive Driving Course Bath - £2290.00

1 day extra than quick learner, novice course

42 hour course requires a £395 deposit upon booking

FREE Re-Test with this course

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48 Hour Intensive Driving Course Bath - £2560.00

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12 Hour Re-Test Driving Course Bath - £800.00

Suitable for pupils that have recently and narrowly failed their driving test within the past couple of months.

12 hour course requires £150 deposit upon booking

Local Driving Instructors Bath

6 Hour Re-Test Driving Course Bath - £400.00

Returning Customer Only

For customers who have just missed out on their last driving test by less than a couple serious faults with just a few minors

This re-test course requires £150 deposit upon booking


To keep up with demand we require additional driving instructors to join our team delivering intensive driving courses across Bath, Wiltshire & Somerset areas. As an intensive course instructor there is no franchise to pay and we can even supply you with a dual control car if required.

Intensive Driving Courses Bath

Get your freedom and independece with one of our Intensive Driving Courses in Bath. Passing your driving test will open up real opportunities for new and exciting jobs and social experiences, passing your driving test can make a massive difference to your life, so why wait months to get your full driving licence.

Instead of spending months learning to drive, with our Intensive driving courses you might be on the road as early as next week. All of our Intensive Courses have been designed to deliver the best of results with very good first time pass rates.

We have a rage of courses designed for the complete novice, to the more experienced learner driver.  We have a range of courses depending on your experience between 12 and 42 hour courses so you see we can cater for you and your needs. 

So why wait months for something that you can have next week, you know it makes sense.

One week intensive driving courses Bath

Our team of staff have access to the DVSA Test Booking System, we monitor this system throughout the day to fid the best available driving test dates. We book your practical driving test while you are on the phone so the driving test is guaranteed for the final day of your course at your local driving test centre.

We Guarantee to always book your Intensive Driving Course with a Practical Driving Test on the final day.

This ensures you get the best results from your Intensive Driving Course and this will seriously increase your chance of passing your driving test first time.

Our local team of driving instructors specialise in intensive driving courses in Bath and have years of experience and skills needed to help you get the best results possibel from your intensive driving course. All the intensive driving courses are run at 6 hours per day with two 30 minute breaks in the day.

All our pices on this page include your practical driving test and pick up and return from your home or another allocated address.

Your nearest driving test centre for Bath Intensive Driving Courses will be in Bristol or Chippenham and we are happy to offer you the choice of both locations or even further afield if you want.

Intensive Driving Courses Bath

So what are you waiting for, book your intensive driving course today and get on the road to freedom.

 (Please note, Intensive driving courses are not suitable for everyone and require long periods of concentration,

If in doubt please ask our customer service team for a driving assessment before booking your intensive course)

One week intensive driving courses Bath

Alex Hawley

I just want to say another massive thanks to Steve. Gave me confidence in my driving from the first lesson. Passed first time, and I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor

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Samantha Houston

I highly recommend Laura as an instructor, lovely and relaxed experience. Friendly and always accommodating and willing to help. Provided a much better experience in comparison to other instructors in term of support and helping ease general anxiety about driving. Passed first time and would recommend her to anyone.

Intensive Driving Courses Bath

Emilia Rose Dadswell-Jones

The most patient and calming driving instructor (I’ve had 4 and she’s been the best by FAR!). Thanks again Kerry!

The best driving courses in Bath

Jade Howard

Passed my intensive course first time with 6 minors thanks to James and 2nd2none driving School. I felt really prepared and James helped me go over the things I wasn't so confident with before the test. I'd recommend 2nd2none as it has helped me learn to drive safely and pass quickly. Thanks!

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Kirsty Maidment

Just passed my driving test first time with 2nd2none! Thank you for James for everything these past two weeks. I started driving when I was 17, but was so nervous that I decided to stop. Now age 22 I plucked up the courage to do it again, choosing the 42 hour course. A week later from the first day I was more confident than I've ever been driving! Thank you again James & 2nd2none!

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Emma Burns

Laura has been a brilliant driving instructor helped with my nurves all in all very good

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Mike Hayward

Kerry has been an excellent instructor. Simultaneously patient and to the point, she's enabled me to have a great degree of confidence as I went into the test.

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Chloe Baker

Very pleased with the intensive course! With a bit of a lack of confidence and nervousness through roundabouts, I passed first time with 1 minor fault. James was great at explaining and correcting mistakes without causing any fear or panic which was greatly helpful in those kind of situations. A very big thank you and a large recommendation from me!

Any problems booking online or if you have any questions about your one week intensive driving course then please call

0333 7729642


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