Bad Weather - Driving In Fog

Driving in Fog

Driving in fog or a heavy mist can be very dangerous as it reduces your ability to read the road and plan ahead. One of the most important things to consider when foggy is to reduce your speed accordinly, this way you will have more time to react to things that you might be late seeing under foggy conditions. 

Use of lights - You must use your dipped headlights when visability is greatly reduced - You should also use dipped headlights ar at least side lights in light fog. Even if you can see the road ahead you want to make sure you are as visible as possible to other road users. If visability is less than 100 metres then use your vehicles fog lights but dont use them in the event of heavy rain as this will cause glare to other drivers, and dont forget to turn your fog lights off once the fog clears.

Dont use your main beem in fog as the light will just reflect on the fog and wont help you see the road ahead.

Driving in for can will cause poor visability and this will be both frustrating and a strain on the eyes. You ability to judge distances and speed will become harder in fog when outlines become confusing. You can easily become disoriented - especially on an unfamilier road. 

In the interests of safety you must

  • slow down - Check the speedometre from time to time
  • be able to stop well within the distance you can see to be clear
  • use your windscreen wipers to keep the outside of your windscreen clear
  • use your demister to keep the inside of your winscreen clear - Use your heated windscreen if you have one.

Remember do not follow the vehicle in front to closely as they may suddenly brake or stop for something they only see last minute.

Dealing with junctions in fog - It can be hard to see if the road is clear or another vehcile is appraoching while you wait at a junction, open your windows and listen for approaching vehicles that might not yet be visible.

If waiting to turn use your indicator early and if you are waiting at a junction keep your foot on the foot brake as to keep your brake light on while you are stationairy, remember to take your foot of the brake and disingauge the brake lights once another vehicle stops behind you.

Use your horn is you think it might help and dont emerge until you are sure its completely safe.