Bad Weather - Driving in Bright Sunshine

Glare - One of the biggest problems of driving on a bright sunny day is the glare you get from your windscreen, which can effect what you can see coming towards you on the road ahead. Keeping a clean windscreen is essential to help reduce the glare from the sun. If your vision is effected by the glare from the sun or road its best to check wha'ts following you using your mirrors and reduce your speed. 

With bright sunlight in front of you, you have to be careful whats hidden in the shadows as it will be impossible to see anyone or anything. The constant sun in your eyes on a long journey can also be exhusting and may well effect your concentration. Even if you dont feel the need for them the correct sunglasses can reduce the glare and keep your eyesight effective for longer.

Low-angled sun - The glare can be worse in the winter when the sun is lower in the sky. Wear sunglasses and/or use your visor to cut out as much glare as possible. Avoid looking directly into the sun.

Coping with the heat - Its important to keep your car well ventilated as the heat can make you feel tired which will lead to you losing concentration on the road. If you have aircon then its more efficent at keeping you cool if you have the windows shut. Make sure you stay highdrated and take plenty of breaks when its safe and legal if on a long journey. - Avoid stopping on the hard shoulder unless its an emergency, this isnt a safe place for a break. 

Road surfaces

Soft Tarmac - During long periods of hot weather, many tarmac road surfaces become extreamly soft, take care when cornering or braking.

Oil - Oil, water and rubber dust from tyres can make the hot surface of the road slippery and dangerous, paticularly  if there is a sudden rain shower after a long dry spell.

Loose chippings - Many highway authorities replace the granite-chipping road surfaces during the summer. Always observe the special warning speed limits and keep well back from the vehicle in front. Flying stone chips can cause not only expensive damage to your vehicle, but also serious injury to pedestrians and other road users.

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