Yeovil Driving Test Center

Bunford Lane to Preston Road roundabout Yeovil

Bunford Lane to Preston Road roundabout in Yeovil Since the change to this roundabout in 2019, it has caused a bit of confusion for both experienced drivers and learner drivers alike.

From Bunford Lane to turn right into Preston Road you need to approach the roundabout in the right-hand lane, (The left-hand land turns left into Lufton Way or goes straight ahead onto Western Avenue) You shouldn't attempt to turn right on to Preston Road using the left-hand lane on the approach, this doesn't mean to say some drivers arent trying it though.

As you approach the roundabout there will be 3 sets of traffic lights to now negotiate this small roundabout.

The first set before you enter the roundabout doesn't cause too many issues and is easy to understand and use. The second set of traffic lights are on the junction with Lufton Way, it's as your about to pass this set of traffic lights that you must check your left door mirror to watch out for drivers using the wrong lane to turn right as they could cause you to swerve if they are there.

As you pass this second set of traffic lights you also need to straighten up a little and head towards the island in the middle of Western Avenue, by the time you reach the third set of traffic lights, you want to be on the outside of the roundabout ready to exit onto Preston Road, you should make sure you have checked your left door mirror and should now be indicating left to exit the roundabout.

Be aware that the third set of traffic lights aren't always on the green as you come around the roundabout and you may need to suddenly stop before you can leave the roundabout for Preston Road. Once on Preston Road stay in the left-hand lane and continue down Preston Road towards the test centre.

More to follow soon