Journey Preparation

Journey Preparation 

Plan your route in advance, include time for breaks and always consider weather conditions before setting off on your journey to allow for extra time in case of bad weather. 

Before starting your journey, you should always make sure that your vehicle is road worthy by checking the following: 

  • Fuel – Do you have enough fuel to complete your journey or will you need to fill up on the way. Do you know where the petrol stations are located along your planned route. 
  • Lights – It is important that all your lights on your vehicle are in good working order and are clean and visible to other road users. 
  • Oil – When was the last time you checked your oil level? Oil is an essential part of keeping your car running, do you have enough oil for your journey? 
  • Windscreen Wash – Do you have sufficient windscreen wash to keep your windows clean so you can see where you are going? 
  • Windscreen Wipers – Good windscreen wipers are an essential part of your vehicle, they allow you to see where you are going in bad weather conditions such as rain, but also allow you to keep your windscreen clear from mud and dirt.   
  • Water – Check your coolant water level before you start your journey, insufficient coolant could lead to your vehicle overheating and breaking down mid journey. 
  • Electrics – Are all your electrical systems working correctly, are there any warning lights showing on the dashboard? 
  • Tyres – Check your tyres often and especially before starting a long journey. Remember the rubber on your tyres are what keep your vehicle in contact with the road, the minimum legal limit of your tread depth is 1.6mm and any less could prove fatal and greatly increase your stopping distance. Remember that badly worn tyres can also affect how your vehicle handles and this can be extremely worse in bad weather conditions. 
  • You – This one might seem silly, but how are you feeling before starting your journey, remember if you are tired or not feeling well, then this can affect your driving and greatly increase your reaction times and your ability to be alert to dangers on the road. 

Following these simple checks before starting a journey will make sure your vehicle and yourself are up for the drive and will help you remain safe.


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