Instructor Training Costs

ADI Training Package

A minimum of 50 hours of 1-2-1 training with one of our ADI trainers as well as online access to Go-Green training videos and work books..


Finance is available subject to status

Driving Instructor Training Costs

Driving School Sponsorship

In order to gain much needed teaching experience we would recommend you use the PDI trainee licence. The trainee licence will allow you to teach real pupils for reward. You will require a driving school or ADI to sponsor you while on your trainee licence, you will also be required to take a minimum additional 20 hours of training with an ADI.

As a driving school we are in a great position to sponsor you while you complete your training. As part of our commitment to you we would also cover the cost of your trainee licence. We can also supply you with a dual controlled car and insurance for a competitive weekly fee.

Please talk to us about how this works for you.

Join Our Team and get Your Training Fees Refunded

Once you qualify as an ADI we would love to welcome you to the driving school as part of our team of local driving instructors. As an incentive we would also provide you with a full refund on your training fees in return for a short term commitment to the driving school.

Please ask us for more details

Pay as you Go training fee is available upon request.

Driving Instructor Training

Commonly asked questions about training

You need to be aged 21+

Have held a full driving licence for at least 3 years

You must not have been banned (disqualified) from driving in the last 4 years

Any driving bans, more than 5 points on your licence or other criminal convictions can affect your application.

You must undergo a full DBS before you will be allowed on the registar of approved driving instructors.

There are 3 exams in order to qualify as an Approved Driving Instructor.

Part 1. Theory test - Unlimited attempts

Part 2. Driving ability - 3 attempts   

Part 3. Instructional ability - 3 attempts 

The time it takes for you to qualify will vary depending on several things, your own availability, the availability of our ADI Trainers and of course the Qualifiying exams.

In total we expect most people to require around 50 hours of 1-2-1 training with one of our ADI Trainers

This usually takes anything from 3 - 9 months but you have up to 2 years from passing the Part 1 to complete the training.

If you are going for one of our training package then you will be using the Go Green Driving Instructor Training training books and online training videos created by Lou and Blaine Walsh and these are included in the price of our training packages.

Once you have passed your Part 2 Driving Ability exam and you have completed 40 hours of Part 3 training with an ADI you will be allowed to apply for a Trainee Driving Instructor Licence. 

The Trainee Driving Instructor Licence allows you to gain experience of teaching real pupils and being paid to cover your costs.

You do not need to go down this route and you can go directly to the Part 3 exam if you wish to do so. The Trainee Licence should also not be seen as a way to earn a living and be treated as a way to train real pupils and gain experience.

To be on a Trainee Licence you will also need to sponsorship of a qualified ADI - We can help you with this.

The Trainee Licence is £140 and last for 6 months or until you have taken all 3 attempts at the Part 3 exam

You will also be required to complete and additional 20 hours of training before taking your Part 3 - These hours require additional payments.

As a PDI you can start delivering driving lessons and be paid for your time and expenses once you have passed the Part 2 exam and completed a minimum of 40 hours of training with an ADI.

You will also require a Pink Badge, (Trainee Licence)

Part 1 Theory test £81

Part 2 Driving ability £111

Part 3 Instructional ability £111

It can be a scary thought starting a new job or career and wondering if it will be a succesful move, but this is where our driving school franchise partnership comes in. For a small weekly fee, our office based team will take care of all your advertising along with making sure you remain busy, and will support you at every step of your new career.

Please ask our team for more details about our franchise partnership.

2nd2None Driving School has been succesfully trading first as a sole trader and then as a limited company since early 2009 and we as a business now cover large areas of the Southwest with our strongest presence in Bristol, North Dorset and Exeter but have driving instructors almost everywhere inbetween.

Our head office and where all our calls and bookings are managed is based in North Dorset and from here we are able to make sure everyone is kept busy with plenty of work.

When is comes to being part of the team, we have several options for you to consider,

Weekly basic franchise

PDI - £95 per week - this includes ADI trainers sitting on your lessons a minimum twice a month to help you with your progress.

ADI - £75 per week

Franchise with a dual controlled car

PDI - Price on request

ADI - Price on request

Intensive Course Instructors

ADIs Only - £0 per week, ask us for more details