Driving Lessons Shillingstone

Driving Lessons Shillingstone
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Driving Lessons Shillingstone

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Most people thing that all driving instructors are the same!

But did you know that each year nearly 30% of learner drivers change their driving instructor before ever taking a driving test, thats almost 234,000 people every year.

Simply put driving instructors are not all the same and your choice of driving instructor in Shillingstone can make a massive difference to how fast you learn to drive and how much it is going to cost you, Choosing the wrong driving instructor has even been known to put people off learning to drive altogether.

So what can you expect from us with your driving lessons in Shillingstone Dorset!

We only have fully qualified driving instructors unlike some of the bigger driving schools, and all of our driving instructors have plenty of experience and a proven track record of teaching local people to drive. You can even see this proven record of sucess for yourself by reading over 500 Customer Reviews that have been left by some of our previous pupils.

All our driving instructors in Shillingstone Dorset have one aim, to get you pass your driving test on your 1st try and with the least cost to yourself while also teaching you to be a safe considerate driver for life.

There will be no sitting by the side of the road while watching other learners drive by, there will be no shouting or raising of voices if you do anything wrong. Each of your driving lessons in Shillingstone will have clear achievable aims for you to meet and you will not just be driving around aimlessly.


One week Intensive Driving Courses

Pass your driving test in just one week with our intensive driving couirses in Shillingstone Dorset.


Under 17's Driving Lessons 

As well as weekly driving lessons in Shillingstone we are also able to offer you Intensive driving courses and even Under-17 driving sessions for anyone who is aged 12 or older.

So to book your driving lessons in Shillingstone please call 01258 426101