Brislington Driving Test Centre

Bristol Brislington Driving Test Centre

Brislington driving test centre is located at:

Government Buildings, Flowers Hill, Bath Road, Brislington , Bristol, City of Bristol, BS4 5JX

Brislington test centre is just off the A4 Bath road behind the TK Maxx and Sports Direct shops. Its not a bad test centre to take your driving test but there are a few things to watchout for.

Bristol Brislington Driving Test Centre

Exiting the Test Centre Car Park

The first hazard you come across will be just as you exit the test centre, the way in and out is through a narrow road with restricted views, as you exit the car park you must remember to give way again at the second junction marked by the red arrow on the picture to the right. Failure to turn your head and look right here even if the road is clear will lead to a serious fault. 

Be mindfull of traffic crossing your path entering the retail park to your left as well at this junction.

Bristol Brislington Driving Test Centre

A4 Bath Road

Once you reach the A4 Bath road keep an eye out for the Yellow Box Junctions, there are several of them along the A4 near the test centre and remember you can only enter them if your exit is clear.

Coming back towards the test centre be aware of the part time Bus Lanes, these opperate Monday to Friday between 7-10am, at all other times you are allowed to drive on this bit of road.

Bristol Brislington Driving Test Centre

Hicksgate Roundabout

Possible one of the more daunting parts of the test routes at Brislington are Hicksgate Roundabout, its a big multilane roundabout with traffic lights and Yellow Box Junctions and 3 of the 4 exits are dual carriageways.

traveling from the test centre towards Bath, If your asked to turn right towards Keynsham then at the appropriate time you will need to change to the right hand lane of the dual carriagway, but remember dont move over too early as this will allow cars to undertake you and cause you a fault, but you also need to be in the right hand lane before you reach the Pedestrian Crossing.

After the pedestrian crossing the lane will split in to two before splitting again into three lanes, keep in the right hand lane marked K'HAM.  At the junction you are giving way to the right and in front of you there will be another Yellow Box Junction to keep clear. If you look just pass the next exit of the roundabout you will see a set of traffic lights, be carefull to make sure you have enough space to reach the lights without getting caught on the Yellow Box. 

Stay in the right hand lane close to the roundabout until after the traffic lights, you then need to be right over in the lefthand lane by time you get to the next set of traffic lights. Please take a look at the photos below and you will see the lane you are aiming for located by the red arrow.

Bristol Brislington Driving Test Centre

Hicksgate Roundabout cont

Traveling along the A4174 dual carriageway towadrs Keynsham and turning right onto the A4 towards Bristol and the test centre. You will need to move into the right hand lane in plenty of time but not too early as you run the risk of being undertaken. 

The right hand lane then splits in to two lanes, you want the left of these two lanes marked A4 B'TOL. Keep an eye on the speed limits as you approach the roundabout as they drop from 70mph down to 50mph just after the bridge and then down to 40mph just before the roundabout.

This junction is traffic light controlled so be prepared for the lights to change as you approach and watch out for the large Yellow Box Junction between the traffic lights and the next set of lights quater of the way around the roundabout.

On the roundabout stay in the left of the two lanes closest to the roundabout marked A4 B'TOL, passed the next set of lights is another large Yellow Box Junction before another set of traffic lights half way around the roundabout. By time you reach these traffic lights you should now be in the lane 2nd from  the left, the first lane on the left is a Bus Lane so stay out of it.

As you progress past these lights and up the A4 towards Bristol the two lanes merge into one and you should find yourself in the right hand lane close to the central reservation after the merge. Remember to check your door mirrors as the road merges into one lane.

Bristol Brislington Driving Test Centre

Common reasons for driving test failure at Brislington

  • Not overtaking slow vehicles on the dual carriageways with national speed limits.
  • Leaving the test centre and failing to observe to the right.
  • Bus lane contraventions for early time slots.
  • Waiting for filter light to illuminate prior to entering the junction.
  • Not holding back when meeting oncoming traffic.
  • Being undertaken (being in the right hand lane) when on a dual carriageway.


Bristol Brislington Driving Test Centre

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