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HGV driver training Dorset
LGV driver training Dorset

HGV Driver Training Dorset

Our local HGV fleet of training vehicles are based near Bournemouth airport, and therefore we are in easy reach of the HGV testing areas in Bournemouth and Poole.

Whether you’re a new starter, updating your license or looking for some extra training, our team of experienced HGV driving instructors will be able to help you achieve your dreams of becoming an HGV driver.

We cater to the following categories: C1 (7.5t), C1+E (7.5t + trailer) C (Ridged), C+E (Articulated) and D1 (Minibus).

We can even tailor a direct car-to-C+E training course for you as required.

Our courses are generally tailored to fit your needs.

To give you some idea of costs, the prices below are quoted based on the average number of training hours for each category.

  Total Novice : Car Driver to C+E, 26 to 30 hours: £2556/£2950, including vat and test fees

  Total Novice: Car Driver to Cat C, 18 to 20 hours: £1850/£2055, including vat and test fees

  Total Novice Car Driver to C1: 10 to 15 hours: £940/£1410 including vat and test fees

  Total Novice Car Driver to C1+E, 15 to 30 hours: £1275/£2550 including vat and test fees

  Total Novice Car Driver to Cat D, 10 to 12 hours: £940/£1410 including vat and test fees

These prices may vary depending on how many hours of training you require, which is dependent on your driving ability.  Less hours of training, and the cost will reduce!

Please be aware that courses need to be paid in full 14 days before the start date of training.

A deposit of £250 will be required. It is not possible to book without a deposit.

We would strongly recommend you take a 2-hour starter session before training. This gives you an opportunity to experience driving a larger vehicle before committing to a full course.  It also gives us an opportunity to review your driving skills with regards to the number of hours of training we feel you will need to be test-ready.

Great communication while organising the course and explaining what needs to be done. Really friendly, supportive people made it fun and enjoyable. Felt fully prepared for the tests in a short space of time and now confident on the roads on my own.

Jess Harrop

Finance Your HGV Training

Learning any new skill takes time and money, and sometimes the cost of that training can make us think twice about progressing our skills and opportunities. 

Well, we don't think costs should stop your dream of becoming an HGV driver, and therfore we have teamed up with Payl8r, who can provide you with the finance needed to get your new licence upgraded now so you can make the most of it.

HGV driving courses
HGV Course Fees

7.5t HGV, Category C1

Category C1 licence is required by everyone who wants to drive a vehicle between 3.5 and 7.5 Tones, with a trailer up to 750 kg

Our 7.5t HGV training vehicle is manual.

7.5t HGV Training

Class 2 HGV Ridged, Category C

A Category C licence will enable you to drive vehicles over 3,500kg (with a trailer up to 750kg). As an LGV/HGV driver, you can drive commercial vehicles over 7.5 tonnes

Our Class 2 training vehicle is automatic.

Class C, HGV Training

Class 1 HGV, Articulated, Category C+E

The licence is also known as Class 1 or C+E. it will give you the opportunity to drive an articulated lorry or a draw bar lorry. They are the largest vehicles in the HGV industry and driving one of them will make you feel like the king of the road.

Our Class 1 training vehicle is automatic.

Class C+E, HGV Training

PSV, Minibus, Category D1

The licence will allow you to drive minibuses up to 17 sears for hire and reward.

Our Minibus training vehicle is manual

Category D1 minibus Training
HGV driver training Bournemouth

HGV Driver Training Bournemouth, HGV Driver Training Christchurch, HGV Driver Training Poole.
Categories C1 7.5t, C Ridgid, C+E Articulated. 

We also provide manual and automatic driving courses for cars in Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole.