Under 17's Driving Lessons Dorset

Under 17s Driving Lessons at Henstridge Airfield

Stithians Showground / Bath & West Showground

Get off to a great head start with learning the basics of driving and road safety and be the envy of your friends. Your lessons can be 30/60 mins, or longer and your session will mirror what you would learn on our regular driving lessons with our driving instructors, except this will be taught in the safety of the Henstridge Airfield where you will be able to relax without the worry of dealing with the traffic of the roads.

Your entire session will be spent in one of our training vehcles on a one to one basis with one of our friendly fully qualified driving instructors or you can choose to share your experience with up to two friends in the same car if you wish.

Driving Instructor Training Dorset

What you can expect from your sessions with us.

If a new beginner, you will be taught how to set yourself up in the car, followed by basic clutch control with moving off and stopping, the changing of gears and steering.

As you progress or if you have previous experience then we will teach you how to deal with other traffic, carryout an emergency stop along with some reversing and turning exercises.

Groups Or Special Occasions

We are able to accommadate groups for specially organised driving events if this is something you require. In 2013 and again in 2014 we ran a special event for Dorset Blind Association where members were able to full fill their life long dream of getting behind the wheel for the very first time and I am pleased to say they couldnt get enough of it and have vowed to return again for another session soon.

See The News Report Here

If you are a school or youth group organisation that would like to hold a special event then please give a us a call and we will be able to offer a special price for the group.

Our Next Under 17s Driving Event at Henstridge is 


and then ever 4 weeks


Christmas and Birthday Vouchers Available


To Book a place at our next Under-17s driving event please follow this link to book online


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 Our other under 17s venues are

The Royal Bath and West Showground and Perranporth Airfield


 Pre 17 driving lessons
Some of the youngsters and Instructors from one of our first under 17 driving event days in 2013
 Driving Lessons for under 17s
 Kerrianne Russle of Shaftesbury Quoted: Fantastic & Brilliant
 Pre 17s Driving Lessons
 Tyler Weedon of Gillingham Quoted. Brilliant

Under 17s Driving CoursesBella Murphy of Okeford Fitzpaine Quoted.A fun helpfull experience

Just some of the pupils that have attended our under 17s driving lessons at Henstridge Airfield

under 17s driving lessons gillingham dorset under 17s driving lessons gillingham dorset under 17s driving lessons gillingham dorset under 17s driving lessons gillingham dorset  
under 17s driving lessons gillingham dorset under 17s driving lessons gillingham dorset under 17s driving lessons gillingham dorset under 17s driving lessons gillingham dorset  
under 17s driving lessons gillingham dorset Here we have Chloe Rennard and Lotti Parfitt both from Gillingham Dorset.

Chloe said she really enjoyed driving and the best part was learning to change gears. Chloe said she will be recommending this event to her friends and would love to come again but she will be turning 17 soon and cant wait to start regular driving lessons.

Lotti also enjoyed her under 17s driving session. Lotti said she learnt a lot about turning at junctions and using the gears. Lotti would love to come to another under 17s driving event and will also be telling all her friends about her driving session.
under 17s driving lessons gillingham dorset Here we have Elliott Sellers of Shaftesbury.
Elliott enjoyed his driving session today and thought the best part of his under 17s driving session was learning how to turn at cross roads, Elliott also enjoyed trying out a turn in the road and descibed the whole event as pretty perfect. 
Elliott is going to tell all his friends about the under 17s at Henstridge Airfield and would like to come again to another event.

Come and enjoy a session at our under 17's driving event which is held at Henstridge Airfield just off the A30 in North Dorset on the border with Somerset. Its about 10 miles from Shaftesbury and about 10 miles from Sherbourne. We run these event every 4 weeks throughout the year, except December, so checkout our next dates below.

Single one on one sessions are now sold in 30/60 and 120 mins at a time with one pupil to one instructor.

A 60min session will be £54.00

Block book 5 x 1 hour seperate sessions to be used over 12 months for just £220

If would like to book a 1 2 1 session online then please follow the link above

If you would like a shared experience then please call 0333 7729642

Now the Important stuff

The minimum Requirements. You must be aged 12 or older and a minimum height of 4'8ft and you must have your parents permission to attend.

At each event we will also be raising money for the Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance along with donating 10% of our profit from each event. So please remember to bring some spare change.



Any problems then you can call our office staff on

01747 440500



May 19th 2013 update: What a fantastic day we all had, below are some of the quotes we recieved from pupils that took part in our first ever event

Kerrianne Russell of Shaftesbury quoted: Fantastic and Brilliant

Tyler Weedon of Gillingham quoted: Brilliant

Bella Murphy of Okeford Fitzpaine: A Fun Helpful Experience

Ellis Jane Smith of Stalbridge: It is a great opportunity to get behind the wheel

Jamie-Lee Andrews of Shaftesbury: Really good, cant wait to get on the road. A really good experience

Launa Street of Charminster: Brilliant 


Terms & Conditions

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