Pre 17 Driving Lessons  

Under 17 Driving Tuition

So why are we encouraging young teenagers to start their driving experience before they are 17? 

Its well known that new drivers on the road at 17 run a much higher risk of being involved in a road traffic incident,here are some statistics to make you aware of how dangerous inexperience can be.

17-24 year olds only make up about 10% of the population but in recent years they have accounted for:

  • Half of injury crashes between 10pm and 5am.
  • Over a third of people arrested by Police after failing a roadside breath test following a crash.
  • Half of crashes blamed on excess speed.
  • Half of crashes involving only one vehicle.
  • Nearly half of injury crashes in the rain

The following factors all increase your chance of being involved in a crash. The more you do the greater the risk.

  • Speeding
  • Driving in bad weather
  • Having passengers in the car
  • Driving between 10pm and 5am
  • Drinking alcohol or taking drugs
  • Using a mobile phone

Its a proven fact that the reason so many young people between 17-24 are at a higher risk is lack of driving experience and the best way to combat this is by learning to drive and learning about road safety from an early age in order to change their driving attitude when they pass their driving test and get on the road at 17.


Our Under 17s program is designed to deliver the experience needed to help keep young drivers safe.

The program is designed to provide potential new drivers, 12 to 17 years the opportunity to gain practical driving experience and develop theoretical safe driving skills and understanding before actually applying for a driving licence at 17.

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