Driver Solutions for small businesses

Driver Road Risk Assessment and Driving Solutions

Save Money, Lower the stress of your employees and help your profits grow.

Our driver training courses are suitable for anyone that drives for work and for business owners that want to improve productivity, reduce ware and tear on company vehicles, Save on your anual fuel costs and make sure their employees remain safe while driving for their job.

As well as indivual drivers we can also arrange for your entire workforce to under go our class room and driving sessions to help them remain safe and improve the risk to them and your business.


So whats the score?

On average there were five fatal crashes every day in the UK with another 62 people being seriously injured on a daily basis in just 2014 alone. It is estimated that one in three collisions are work-related and with over 3 million company cars on the UK roads thats roughly one third that will be involved in a road traffic accident each year

And for company car drivers that drive more than 80% of their working time, they have a 50% chance of being involved in a road collision while at work than an employee that simply commutes to and from work each day.

As an employer you have a duty of care to maintain a safe environment for all employees whilst at work.  Health and Safety regulations and the Corporate Manslaughter Act apply to activities on the road as well as in the workplace.

Even minor accidents can cause injuries to key members of your staff which will mean they may become unavailable for their duties due to injury and this can effect your business and its productivity. 

As well as helping to prevent road collisions by training your drivers in defensive driving skills, our courses will also help reduce wear and tare on your business vehicles by helping your employees become better drivers which can save you a fortune in your annual fuel and maintenance costs.

As well as the savings our courses can offer you, you will also find that your employees feel more valued and they will become more productive in their job roles.

So you are in a win, win situation.


Our Team

We have full team of fully qualified specialist fleet driver trainers to provide you and your employees with a tailored driver development course to fulfil all of your company's requirements.

Whether you require a full structured course for the whole fleet, or have certain staff members with a higher than average accident rate, we can tailor our courses to suit your needs. We have class room facilities for up to 6 members of your staff or for bigger numbers our team can come to you at your business location.

We can cater for up to 30 members of your staff per day and will be able to offer you a full written report for each employee on the course with any recommendations for future training and any high risk areas.

Our goal is to offer your staff a means to stay safe while at work and to help you protect your business and public image.


We can help you and your staff devise a daily walk around set of vehcile checks to make sure all of your fleet is as safe as can be when starting its daily run.

dreamstime_l_3794803 By helping to improve your drivers skills, we will help your business save on the cost of fuel and the running of your vehicle fleet.
To find out more on how we can help or for a no obligatory quote please email our customer support team [email protected] or you can give our fleet line a call on 0333 7729642 dreamstime_l_13314002