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Driving Lessons Dawlish
Driving Lessons Dawlish Driving Lessons Dawlish Driving Lessons Dawlish Driving Lessons Dawlish Driving Lessons Dawlish  

Driving Lessons Dawlish

Tel: 0333 7729642

Weekly Driving Lessons Dawlish

Most people learn to drive by having weekly lessons in Dawlish and we would recommend that as a learner driver, you have two hour lessons at a time. Two hour driving lessons will allow you to learn more and spend more time on each subject meaning you can be ready for your driving test quicker than if you only took hourly lessons each week. This in turn can help you save money as you will need less hours to be ready for your driving test.

Driving Lessons Dawlish currently have five local male and female driving instructors offering manual driving lessons in Dawlish and the surrounding areas. We even have a discounted intro deal to get you started with your driving lessons.

At this time Im sorry, but we do not offer Automatic driving lessons in Dawlish


       Intensive One Week driving courses in Dawlish / Crash Course

We are also able to offer you a one week intensive driving course in Dawlish and the surrounding areas. These are sometimes also referred to as Crash Courses and these intensive courses can be an ideal way for you to reach the driving test standard sooner and be ready to take your driving test at an earlier date than you would with conventional weekly driving lessons. 

Thes intensive driving coures are available in both manual and automatic cars, please state which you require when booking.

This can be a perfect way to learn to drive if you need your driving licence fast as maybe a new job offer depends on it or you are simply too busy for weekly driving lessons.

By having your driving lessons close together, it can also mean you need less hours of driving overall to reach the driving test standard and so in turn an intensive driving course can save you money on the cost of learning to drive.

These type of driving courses can be very tiring and require serious commitment from you. They may not be suitable for everyone and it is recommended that you have at least had a couple of driving lessons before considering a one week intensive driving course.

Before we can book your practical driving test or your intensive driving course you will need to have passed your theory test as we prefer to book your practical driving test for the last day of your intensive driving course as this proves to be better for you than having to wait for the driving test.

Call us on 0333 7729642 and speak to our friendly customer support team for more details or take a look at our intensive one week driving course Dawlish page 

You might be able to pass your driving test in time for the weekend.


Under 17's Driving Lessons

This can get you off to a great start with learning all the basics of driving and road safety before you even reach your 17th birthday, in fact you can start learning to drive with our instructors from just 12 years of age at our private training area in Perranporth. 

These under 17s driving sessions are all on a one to one basis with one of our driving instructors using our dual controlled cars. There is no need for you to have a provisional licence or insurance as we have that covered as well.

Our Under 17s Driving Sessions run once a month and need booking in advance as they are very popular. To check availability and book your place please follow this link www.u17driving.co.uk


Book Your Driving Lessons In Dawlish by calling 0333 7729642



Driving Lessons Dawlish




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