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Driving instructors urgently needed

Become a driving instructor with 2nd2None Driving School and help us to satisfy the incredible demand for driving lessons. In just a few short months you could be earning up to £35 per hour with a company car doing one of the most enjoyable and rewarding jobs on the planet. Be your own boss, work the hours you choose and look forward to going to work each day. The enjoyment from seeing one of your learners pass the driving test can not be surpassed.

Earn up to £40,000 per year after all costs

Become a driving instructor with 2nd2None Driving School and you can potentially earn up to £40,000 per year after all your business and car costs. If you take pride in your job and like helping people to develop new skills this could be the ideal job for you. You need to be over 21, have held a driving license for at least 3 years and have not received more than 5 penalty points on your licence in the last 4 years.

Driving Instructor Training Salisbury

Approved Driving Instructor Training Course

All of our Instructor Trainers deliver your in-car training will take place on a 1-2-1 basis either in-car or in the classroom. The course prepares you for all 3 parts of the quailifying process from day one, saving you possible months of extra training - This means you can be on the road teaching and earning a good living from your new career in almost no time at all.

You can start your training today with a deposit of just £300, Then you can pay in instalments of just £49 a week for 52 weeks. This will get you all your reading materials and a Tri-Coaching training manual along with online training videos to help you study. Then you can pay in instalments of just £49 a week for 52 weeks. (This fee doesnt include any DVSA Test Fee's)

All of your In-Car training will be on a 1-2-1 basis, so you will have your trainers full undevided attention and as many training hours as you need to help you qualify as a DVSA approved driving instructor.

Whats more, 2nd2None driving school will pay for your trainee licence and sponsor you as a trainee driving instructor working under our driving school brand. This will allow you to get very important real teaching experience before taking your final exam in order to qualify as a driving instructor.

And once you qualify as an (ADI) Approved Driving Instructor, we will refund you your £300 deposit when you join us here at 2nd2None Driving School as a qualified driving instructor for a minimum term of 12 months.

You can count on our Instructor Trainers and the rest of the team here at 2nd2None Driving School to give you full support and help as we help you start your new career as a Qualified Driving Instructor. 

Driving Instructor Training Salisbury

So a quick recap of what you get for your money

  • All Training Materials - Books, DVDs.
  • TCIT Training Manual
  • Unlimited 1-2-1 In-Car Training Time
  • Sponsorship as an PDI with our driving school including your Trainee Licence
  • An additional 20 hours of training as per condition of the trainee licence
  • Full support from our team of instructors
  • Online Training Group where you can meet and talk to other trainees
  • An affordable weekly payment plan
  • A £300 refund once you qualify and join 2nd2None Driving School as an ADI for a minimum term.

A Guaranteed Position with our driving school once qualified.

Both self-employed and employed positions available.

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You get more Training Hours for your money.

You will receive a minmum of 70 hours of one to one in car training with your dedicated instructor trainer with ongoing support from our customer service team. In most cases, 70 hours of training is more than your average training provider will give you, but we want to make sure you succeed and not just for you to qualify but also to become a great teacher as well. 

There is also the opportunity to earn while you learn with our funded trainee licence, so you don't need to delay getting your new career underway. Please ask our customer service team for more details on the trainee licence scheme.

With our driving school you will find that our support doesn't stop once you have qualified as a driving instructor. Our support team will help you become established in your local area and work with you every step of the way to develop your career as a fully qualified driving instructor. 


Business Development

One of the biggest grips driving instructors have is the lack of business support and training they receive from their training provider. This can leave them scratching their heads when it comes to running their business and doing things like accounting. 

We provide all our trainees with one to one business training based at our Dorset offices once you have completed your required 40 hours of Part 3 training.


We Guarantee you a training position with our driving school once qualified. 

There are loads of benefits with joining 2nd2None driving School, our local reputation is as the name says second to none. As well as being your own boss and having a more active role in the local community, you can choose the working hours that suit your lifestyle and needs. you can plan your weekly lessons around other commitments, such as spending time with your family.

On average most instructors take 6 - 9 months to fully qualify but this can be a lot less as we have seen may times before but of course this will depend on your availability.


Fast Track Training Courses

We may be able to fast track your training down to just a few weeks if required. This means you can be on the road and earning quick time. Please ask our customer support team to see if this option could benefit you.

What Our Customers Say

Laura David

Omg I can’t believe I’ve just passed my driving instructor part 2 in Kingswood Bristol first time
Thank u to my amazing trainer James Orgar
I started my training with another school and got let down badly found it very difficult to get my part 2 training booked in with them so I rang James on the Tuesday and got in to start my part 2 training on the following Monday and this was only 3 weeks ago can’t wait to start my part 3 training next week with 2nd2None thank u so much for everything u have done

Sue Squires

I have recently passed my Part 3, the final part of my ADI exam. Steve Steele was my trainer and I cannot recommend him highly enough. He has an affable, easy going nature, but a very professional approach. We swiftly, but thoroughly covered all the PST’s. He made sure that I fully understood what was required and gave me useful tips along the way. He took the mystery out of this exam and supported me throughout. He is an excellent trainer. Thank you Steve!

Wezley Evans

Professional company Great training and looked after very well, good communications and qualified within months of starting. Looking forward to working along side the team.

I chose 2nd2None Driving School for my training as I felt confident after talking to them and reading online reviews that I would achieve my goals.

James Brimicombe

Hi everyone, my name is James and I am training towards my PDI in the Exeter area. I had previously worked in retail for which I found the hours anti social and the workload stressful. Whilst looking for new employment I was recommended by a friend to try 2nd 2none. After my initial meet and greet with James and Holly I soon realised that this company has it's workforce in mind and strives to keep them informed and happy. Changing a well paid and successful career was a worry but my two trainers; Nigel Paice and Steve Steele are both competent and knowledgeable. The training was laid back, direct and informative. If I can replicate their style in any way I will be well on the way to a great career, I cant thank them enough. 

Lorraine Rydon

With the help of my trainers Stuart and Steve, I today passed my part 3 qualifying exam and became a fully fledged ADI. My trainers showed absolute professionalism and patients in providing me with a structured and tailored program of training, together we achieved this result. I can not recommend 2nd2None enough, their trainers and the office staff were great. Thank you so much.

Why Did You Choose This Driving School For Your Instructor Training?

The options were vast,and I felt welcomed immediately. I was introduced to the training team, where they clearly set out my training program together with my options of further employment,which provided me with confidence.

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2nd2None TCIT Complete Course

Buy our 2nd 2 NONE TCIT Online Package and train to be a driving instructor.

You will receive regular communications from us containing a wealth of information about how to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to become a DVSA Approved Driving Instructor on the DVSA Register of ADIs. 

This complete course gives you everything you need for Parts 1, 2 and 3

Price: £600 (including VAT) this is for the training course book and other training materials only and does not include the cost of training hours. Please contact us if you have any questions. 

Driving Instructor Training Salisbury

2nd2None TCIT Part 3

2nd2None Part 3 focuses on getting you, the trainee driving instructor, ready to take your Part 3 test. The course assumes you have already passed your Part 1 and Part 2. The course consists of two modules. Module One is eight x five-hour sessions (these can be split into 16 x 2.5 hour sessions over four months at one a week; or completed intensively over a two-week period; or any variation of this to suit you and your trainer). Module Two consists of 5 x four-hour sessions divided between lesson observation; and training and development. 

Price: £300 (including VAT) this is for the training book only and does not include the cost of training hours. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Salisbury Driving Instuctor Training