Automatic Driving Lessons Chapel St Leonards

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Automatic Driving Lessons Sutton on Sea

Are you looking for manual driving lessons in Chapel St Leonards?

Intensive Driving Courses Sutton on Sea

Pass your driving test in just 1-2 weeks with our intensive driving courses.

Driving Instructor Training Sutton on Sea

Driving Instructor Training

Train to be a driving instructor with us in Chapel St Leonards.

Automatic Driving Lessons Chapel St Leonards

Automatic Driving Lessons Chapel St Leonards

If your looking for local automatic driving lessons in Chapel St Leonards then your in the right place. Our local driving instructors are able to offer you weekly automatic driving lessons as well as one week intensive driving courses.

If your new to learning to drive then your driving instructor will take you somewhere quiet like Wilton Avenue or even Elizabeth Drive to start your driving lessons. Everything will be explained in a way you can understand and progress.

Your nearest driving test centre is based just down the road at Skegness and as your driving skills progress, your driving instructor will help you prepare for your driving test in the Skegness area so when you become test ready you are on familier ground.

Benefits of Driving an Automatic Car

Driving an automatic car has definite benefits too. The car changes gear for you at the appropriate time, so you’ll rarely over-rev an automatic car plus there is no clutch so you dont need to find the bite and you cant roll backwards. Although your fuel consumption may be slightly less economical than a manual car, overall it can make a worthwhile difference in the level of effort required when driving on longer journeys.

When dealing with the very busy streets and heavy traffic, driving an Automatic car can make driving a lot less stressful as all you need to do is control the brake and the accelerator (remember no clutch) which give you so much more time to think about the road and other road users and not thinking about your clutch and gears. We often find this can also lead to you needing less overall driving lessons as you will pick up driving a lot quicker which can save you both time and money.

However, there are significant downsides to driving an automatic car. If you take your driving test in an automatic car, you’re not qualified to drive a manual car. If, on the other hand, you pass your test in a manual, you are allowed to drive an automatic.

There are no real issues with automatic lessons in themselves: you learn the same things (mostly) and are examined on the same aspects of driving in your practical test. The difference comes when you actually pass, and only you will know if those differences are going to matter.

Catherine Finlay

Great instructor, 20 hours with Michael and I passed in the automatic great teaching skills felt comfortable from day one, after 21 years of so many different instructors he made me feel at ease taught me in my way, always there for you any day of the week for anything . great guy very highly recommend can’t thank you enough

Intensive Driving Courses

Pass your driving test fast with one of our intensive driving courses in Chapel St Leonards.

As well as Weekly Driving Lessons in Chapel St Leonards we can also provide you with one of our One Week Intensive Driving Courses, These can be a great way to get your driving licence fast as you lessons are done close together you will pick it up and learn faster, this in turn means you will usually need less hours of tuition.

One week intensive driving courses are available in Both manual and Automatic cars available in most Chapel St Leonards and the surrounding area.

Please let us know whether you want manual or automatic intensive course when booking.

Automatic Driving Lessons Chapel St Leonards

Kerry Ogilvie

Passed first time with one minor, couldn’t do it if weren’t for Michael, fantastic instructor with a lot of patience, would highly recommend Michael

Automatic Driving Lessons Sutton-on-Sea

Driving Instructor Training

Planning a career change? Start the journey to becoming an approved driving instructor as part of the our team. Working as a driving instructor is a hugely rewarding career. You get to meet new people and watch them grow as drivers and as young adults.

It takes hard work and dedication to qualify as an ADI with 2nd2None Driving School. The good news is that our team of instructor trainers will be there to help support you every step of the way. And better still, you can fit your training programme in and around your lifestyle and existing work commitments.

Lisa Patterson

I can highly recommend Michael. Hes an excellent instructor who makes you feel at ease and makes lessons enjoyable. He will pick at everything to make sure you are the best driver you can be and to get that pass, which I got with no minors!

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Clare Organ

I would highly recommend Michael as an instructor he is very calm, patient and easy to chat to. I just passed my test and will definitely miss annoying him on my lessons 😂 thanks Michael!!

Your nearest Driving Test Centres are

Skegness Driving Test Centre

3b Heath Rd


PE25 3ST

6.7 miles away from Chapel St Leonards

Driving Test Center Boston

4 Redstone Rd


PE21 8EA

31.2 miles from Chapel St Leonards

As well as Chapel St Leonards we are also able to provide both manual and Automatic Driving Lessons in Alford, Mablethorpe, Sutton-on-Sea and the surrounding towns and villages.